Day 5 - Warmth

Ooh it's been chilly today, and yesterday too. I had a nice hot shower to ward off the chills, and we've had the ducted heater going all day. When our heater has been broken we still have an open fire to use in the cold weather, which has its own lovely charm. Cedar has a virus again, nothing serious, but he's been tired so we stayed around home this week so far. I'm grateful for the warmth we've been able to enjoy, despite the Winter temps.

A local blog reader sent me an email a couple of days ago, and let me know that there was a young homeless couple staying nearby in a cubby house. Which is awful, especially on such cold nights as these. Apparently there were people making a particular effort to help, so hopefully they'll be sleeping somewhere warmer tonight.

I did this painting (above) about 14 years ago, just after moving to Melbourne from Adelaide. The colours seem particularly cosy to me.


I am blogging grateful posts for the 21 challenge, raising awareness and funds for Australia's homeless youth.

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jo rosenblum said...

Hi Danielle, just a short note to say I'm enjoying your 'grateful' posts.
I'm making myself get up a bit earlier every order to be a bit more organised, and I find I'm looking forward to starting the day with a look at what you're up to...
So keep up the good work.

Elisha said...

I love those pears..... you are difinitely talented and I would love to see more of your painting!!! are prints going in the shop???? they would look divine on my wall!