Day 15 - Imagination

Today I am grateful for playing, dreaming, creating things, inventions, make believe and pretend.... My favourite things about childhood, and my favourite things to observe (and hopefully facilitate) in my own kids.

This layout I did for the 'White Space' design challenge over at Aussie Scrap Source. It's a reader challenge, too, so you can also participate for the chance to win some goodies! Click over to the blog to have a look...

Today we are going to the Melbourne Museum to learn about The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia, since the kids have a curriculum day at school while the teachers write reports and whatnot. We're going to have dinner out afterwards, which will be nice, and may even help us avoid the appalling Friday night traffic in the city. Or it might not, hehe. I was going to take us all on the train, but worked out that it will cost DOUBLE what parking at the Museum will cost us (as members). So we shall drive forth!

It's noon now and we are about to head out. Hence the early-in-the-day post :) Have a great weekend everyone!


Maxabella said...

I am grateful for, and try to nurture, this every day too. x

bappleicious said...

Just beautiful Danielle