Day 19 - Everyday luxuries

Today I am grateful for everyday luxuries. Stuff that doesn't seem like a luxury. But when you think about it, that's a totally first world attitude. That's fine, that's where we are at, but it is good to acknowledge now and then I believe and be aware that the things we consider essentials are essentially luxuries to a large percentage of the world. Rice cooker, for instance. Coffee machine. Microwave. Vacuum cleaner. One I love, and don't consider essential but revel in it's luxuriousness, is my electric blanket!

For instance, today I went and bought a toaster. In between taking Sienna and some classmates to her school soccer game about 15 minutes away, and later returning to watch some games and take them back to school, I drove to Chadstone. On a side note, bad idea if you only want to buy one thing. Full of evil attractive temptations for our little consumerist hearts. Peter Alexander, for instance, warm and foresty window display. Love.

Oh, um, back to the story. We did have a toaster, which was all well and good and fine, but on Sunday morning it sparked and fizzed and shorted out the electrical circuit it is on. Ahem. So, a new toaster.
I got a pretty funky one, I think ;) I had a Myer gift card to use, which I'm glad I hadn't spent on a whim now on some random thing, as I applied it to buying the toaster. A shiny red toaster. Which toasts bread. How exciting! And funny, too, that toasting bread can be done in all sorts of other ways, yet we consider a toaster to be an essential appliance. Rather than, say, a fire and a stick. Or a frypan or whatever. It's essential to our daily routine. An essential everyday luxury. But it's a nice toaster, it looks vibrant on my boring kitchen bench, and I'm grateful for that too. If something is "necessary" it is nice if it is also aesthetically pleasing in some way. Ooh, pretty!

Also, pumpkin scones are really nice. I made some this afternoon, which I haven't done in a long time, and they were tasty. Everyone enjoyed them, the kids, the friends they had over playing, Ben, me, my friend. It reminded me to bake more with pumpkin, which also happily suits my no-sugar challenge :)

I am blogging grateful posts for the 21 challenge, raising awareness and funds for Australia's homeless youth. With a couple of days to go, I am at 83% of my goal - thank you! Only $50 to go until I meet my target of raising $300 for Open Family Australia :)

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Kelly Ingram said...

Thats the same style/make/model as our toaster but I just got it in brushed steel - love the red though. Such a funky everyday item to wake up to xx

simona said...

uh, funky! me likey ;)
reminds me of a retro style radio. the red would look pretty good in my kitchen too...