Day 8 - Committing

Today I'm grateful for committing. Not committing me, to some sort of institution - shut up, dad ;) - but me committing to stuff. In advance. Optimistically.

Today, for instance, is the first day of a three day workshop I'm attending with Flora Bowley... it was by some quirk of blog-hopping that I came across her artwork and read that she was doing a Melbourne workshop at the same time as discovering her work. On a whim, emailed to find out details, found out that it was booked out. A couple of months later was emailed that a spot had opened up, thought it sounded, and booked in. Just said yes, la de da, no problems.

Over the past week or so started gathering the supplies, bits and pieces that I need for the workshop. Making plans, stuff stuff stuff. Then in the last few days starting quietly stressing out about showing up to a room of strangers and channelling creativity and whatnot. I've done it before, it's not an unknown thing, it's more that I call upon a degree of self-possession in these situations, and it doesn't at all come naturally.

BUT I am grateful that I commit to this stuff, just say yes, confirm, whatnot, without even entertaining this process of anxiety that I go through, even though I know it happens every time. Pretty much every time I know I will be meeting someone new. But, you know, I commit and then I have something to live up to. So that's a good start.

I am blogging grateful posts for the 21 challenge, raising awareness and funds for Australia's homeless youth.

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oh wow! my kite is famous :-)