Bubbles and Paint

Took my camera into Canon this morning, as it stopped working at all yesterday just in time for the kids being ULTRA CUTE in the bath, too :(. I'll have to convince them to do a repeat performance of the cuteness and playing amid the bubbles - another day when the camera is handy and functioning!

Anyhow, the guy took it out the back of the service centre and they cleaned all the contacts for me. After that it was working - the auto focus was working again (that stopped last week) and it was not having any problems. They were SO NICE and it didn't cost me anything, which is a bonus. Mind you if I have to take it in again they will have to open it up, and it will be in the vicinity of $300. Oh well, hopefully there won't be a need.

Did a new layout yesterday, of Sienna giving my dad a kiss. Is very cute. It took all day, on and off, as I wasn't happy with the title. In the end, I just painted my own on acetate so I could get the sort of thing I wanted! Worked quite well, I think. Also used iron-ons for the first time, so that was cool. Loving the paint at the moment!

Two Solitudes

OK, am hoping this is the start of another run of scrapping - completed another layout this afternoon. Didn't start until about 3pm, but it still took over 4 hours, with making dinner, looking after the kids, etc. I really like it, though, and so does Ben (which is important, considering it's about both of us!).

The felt is actually the same colour turqoise as in the flower, but I think the texture meant it didn't scan well. Love the Urban Lily rubons - I got them over a month ago, but haven't had a chance to use them until now.

Have been planning our NSW trip - booking accommodation, etc. Is all coming together now, just need to book the stopovers on the drives up and back. Other than that we have 3 nights in Penrith, my day at the Sydney Papercrafts Festival - Yay! - and 2 nights in Sydney. Fun fun fun. It's great to have something to plan and something specific to look forward to as well :)

Delusion Angel

I found some new (to me) quotes yesterday, here is one I particularly like:
"I go by many names, under many skies, doing many things, yet am always at the same place. I eat up its power, reveling in anguish. I love, I lie, I am only a human. This is my life, no trespassing. Please." - The Lord Greycloak of Raven's Hill

I completed two scrap pages yesterday, on my day off - mostly spent at Kell's house (if I tried to have a 'day off' at home, I'd still have kids climbing on me as I tried to scrap!). Here are the pages - am very happy with both of them. I love the one of Crystal, and after that was finished I felt like doing a doodle/sketchy one, so the fairy and gnome page worked out well :)

Under the Town

Last night I went to Ruby's Lounge and saw Holly Throsby, preceded by The Bittersweets and Ollie Brown from the Art of Fighting.

Since I arrived just after 8 and she came on stage at about 10:45, I had awhile to sketch and write. Here are some excerpts from my notebook:

"Sitting here at Ruby's - lone figure, single bar stool, small table adrift in a spacious room. It is dimly lit and slightly smoky, I listen absently as musicians test their sounds and count off - one, two, two, two.
Maybe I should feel lame but I kind of feel cool because I am alone. Noone knows me. Why I am here (though you can assume, of course, it's for the music) or what I am writing.
A cello that looks remarkably like my own sits on the stage at the feet of the double-bass player. Makes me realise I take my instrument too much for granted. Though of course I am not much good at playing it - should prolly work on that.
I love this rehearsal feel when snippets and melodies are sung and played while testing the levels. Holly seems sweet and sincere, open with her emotions through her music, yet unobtrusive with it. Must be an interesting girl. Woman.
I love the instruments everywhere. I love being alone. I am curious what - if any - fleeting thoughts are given to my solitary figure in the middle of the room, but I am not concerned by it. This feels freeing somehow. A relief in a way. I don't always know what to expect of myself.

Pick up the thread
of a distant

meandering by.

I held it, caught it,
captured it.

I wanted it but
now I don't know

Introspection, baby,
this is
who I am.

gentle rhythm
soothes a
tired soul

this rustic beat
it echoes
in my blood, so

mild, melodic,
this rhythm is my

Like a picture postcard
frozen in my mind
your smile sees through
the heart of you
allows me to unwind

why verse,
when I don't dream in rhyme?

I enjoy the
of paper and pen

Thoughts meander, as
I keep track
of them

Truly random,
is that me?
my hand is heavy,
heart is dry.

This rhythmic beat
and husky tone
makes me write
in rhyme (and moan)

The drought breaks

Well, my scrapping drought has broken. I mean, it was only about 2 weeks, but after scrapping almost every day up until then, it seemed like a long time.

Nothing amazing, just a simple layout to focus on this photo - one of my faves from Kell's wedding. Has been added to the Kiti Q Gallery already. Hopefully I manage a couple more pages this week :)

New Hat

Sienna got a new hat on Sunday, which she chose herself from Pumpkin Patch. Here are a couple of pics I took today outside in the garden, when she was wearing it. It looks very cute, all floppy and summery!

Freaking Out

I was completely freaking out yesterday morning, when out shopping with Sienna. I felt something wet flick onto my arm and when I looked down, I saw milk droplets on my bag. When I opened it - the lid of Sienna's 'spill-proof' sipper cup had come undone and there was milk all through my nice red handbag.

The reason why I was FREAKING OUT was because my camera was in there also. Enough said.

I went straight to Ted's cameras and they were very helpful, towelled it off, checked it out. It wasn't working, but they said to dry it out for awhile and try again. Otherwise it would have to go off to Canon, with that expense as well. To be honest I wasn't as worried about the expense as the prospect of being without camera.
Anyhow, this morning it seems to be functioning, but it still feels a bit weird so I'm not sure. The auto-focus was spazzing a bit and it felt like it wasn't working properly, but at least it works.

Now I just wait and see how it goes with more drying out time.

On a more positive note, this pic is of two of the funky vintage cameras I was talking about before.

Wins and Spins

Funny old week I've been having. Found out yesterday that I won the Blue Bazaar One Day Photo Competition - am really pleased to have won first prize, but as far as the prizes go I had been hoping to be a runner-up. I won a printer, Epson 4"x6" photo printer, and the runner-up prizes were a voucher for the Blue Bazaar scrapbooking shop, and some photo paper. Never mind :).

Entered a few photos in the 'Smile with Centro' photography competition - through the chain of shopping centres. This photo of Sylvia and Jeff is one of the ones I've entered, makes me smile. I took it during the photo shoot the afternoon before their wedding.

Was in a bit of a spin this morning, deciding whether to commit and fully pursue the portrait business idea, or let it go. I don't want to float along not deciding either way, but quite frankly don't know if I can handle the constant interaction. Kell solved my primary dilemmas by volunteering to act as my 'Customer Service' chica. That way I wouldn't have to answer all the specific questions about prices and packages - the ones that undermine my sense of worth and the value of my photography - but still deal with photo sessions and orders. Sounds like a good solution to me, now on with my business plan!

My friend Prue gave me some funky cameras today that she got from an op-shop her mum runs. The cameras are so old and retro looking. Haven't checked them in my camera collecting book yet, but they look so cool I am chuffed to add them to my collection either way. Will put up a photo when I get around to taking one.

Fairies and Gnomes

Had a great photo session with the kids yesterday afternoon, here are a couple of faves... Though I haven't had time to go through all of them yet.

Outside in the grass, sun and fresh air is so good for all of us. Even though I am sick at the moment, the kids are better and behave so much more nicely if we are in the garden.

The insanity comes and goes but yesterday, at least, was a good afternoon. Now if only I could get some scrapping done, I would be happy. Oh yeah, and all those photos for the family website. And the Germany photos. And the Outback Pride website content and images. Well, a few moments of peace and quiet would do, I think.

One Crowded Hour

I was just listening to Augie March while working on the Outback Pride website, and I got up for a minute, taking off my headphones.

I noticed as I walked through the room that Sienna's little boots were left on the floor. With the rhythms of the music's lyrics still in my mind, a line or two of poem came to me. Here is the poem I wrote just now...


My girl and my boy

The who in my heart

The web in my skin

That keeps me all in

The binding of me

The core of my strength

My breath is in you

With my blood you all move

You give me your joy

And you light with the sun

Your smiles so sweet

Give to me the complete-ness

I need.

To Do...

Today is a chirpier day, so here is a photo I like - it is of some lattes we had (Sylvia, Jeff and I) on this funky street cafe in Hamburg, the day before I left.

Haven't processed my travel or Sylvia's wedding photos yet - it is on my 'to-do' list!

Some days...

Sometimes I don't know how anyone can stand me - I annoy myself so. I hear enough from the people around me to assume I don't have this effect on everyone else. Yet the voice of my own condemnation is, sadly, the loudest of all.

I liked poetry that I have written. Well, some of it. And I like my art (well, some of it!). I love some of my scrapbooking work. I feel proud to contribute my skills to other people's projects - like the Kiti Q and Outback Pride websites. Yet I shrink inside. It's a combination of despising myself for any hint of self-righteousness or arrogance, yet needing these achievements to soothe my sense of worthlessness - keep it in it's box, so to speak.

It's a painful conundrum for me.

I need solitude, I know this is something my soul craves to define my identity anew, repeatedly and always defining it again. Yet I tire of my own company. I begin to hate this person, because I cannot escape from her.

I know I do not always recognise the person others see as me. So, how good am I at hiding myself? Or how wrong am I at knowing who I am?

Sienna Today

Some things I'd like to record that Sienna did today were quite cute.

This morning I was sorting all the kid's clothes for sizes and bringing out their summer stuff, when I scratched my arm quite nastily. A little bit later I was sitting on the couch trying to type, and Sienna was sitting next to me with her own - disconnected - keyboard. When she realised I had hurt myself, she grabbed my arm and gave it a kiss. This was very sweet, of course :) But then she kept grabbing my arm to kiss it better, over and over until I put a bandaid on the scratch just so I could get some rest from the arm-kissing!

She also was quite cute at dinner time. Ben had told her dinner was ready, so she trotted in from the lounge but I was still dishing out the meal on the counter. She went to sit in her seat, realised there was a plastic bag (from food shopping) left on the table and promptly screwed it up in her hands, then put it in the bin. After this she was happy to get on her chair ready for dinner :) Funny chica. She does make me smile.

Tropical Avalanche

I did a scrap page today with some new photos of my friend Sara that I took on Saturday. I love these shots, they are so vibrant and funky, and she is a cute little thing :)

One thing I was really happy about is that I was able to use a quote from a poem I have loved since I was a teenager myself. The poem is called 'Why I Like You' by John Jenkins, and the verse I love is this:

"Just let me say
that I like you
because you are beautiful
as a tropical avalanche
in a glass full of gold"

So I put this on my layout on journalling strips, but with the two words 'tropical avalanche' in different letterings and central on the page. I am really happy with it, and am keeping it aside for my For Keeps Competition submission.

It begins...

Ooh I have a blog. And it's a secret... at least at the moment. Also empty :)
But I am excited at the possibility of actually recording random thoughts and inspiration, as well as everyday moments and memories.