The lungs have it

This little blipper and I have been firmly entrenched in the Adelaide Women's and Children's hospital since 10pm Friday night... he has pneumonia, turns out. More specifically, the pneumonia is a micoplasma bacterial infection and he also has tested positive for rhinovirus (one of the super common viruses that causes coughs and colds, the same thing that Ash and I apparently have).

Anyhow, the boy is doing a lot better now and is being weaned off of oxygen today. He still has iv antibiotics, as well as oral antibiotics and panadol, and iv fluids, but his fluids will also be reduced today as he is drinking a lot more and starting to eat again. In the end it was no big drama, but it certainly was a hiccup in my Curiouser plans for the weekend... Adelaide clients, hang tight, I am working on a solution as best I can!

It also, unfortunately, means that I won't be able to spend this coming weekend helping out Reedy Creek Nursery and Outback Pride at the ABC Gardening Show in Melbourne (caulfield racecourse)... if you are around, why not check it out :) I still hope to drop in on Sunday but with our timeframes being totally up in the air at this point, no guarantees. Still, even with all the rearranging and unfortunate messing around of plans - I feel really bad for the clients I've had to cancel! - at the end of the day it is nice to be needed and to be here for my littlest little person.

Out of the frame

I've been pretty sick since my last update, just to mix it up a little! The kids all got better and then it was my turn ;) Today my voice is coming back, though, after 3 days without it, and my energy is coming back, yay!

Tomorrow the kids and I are heading to Adelaide, I've got some photo sessions booked and the car is *almost* all packed ready for us to leave in the morning. Am looking forward to catching up with family too :) Here is one of the wall art pieces I've finished ready for delivery to Tatum (well, for Tatum but delivery to one of her sisters in Adelaide).

One project I've been working on, which is basically finished, is the Reedy Creek Nursery website.


And another fun thing I've been working on lately is Curiouser gift vouchers, printed on the same stock and style as the regular Curiouser postcards...

True Beauty

The latest Scrapbook Creations magazine is out, and the colour combo we were assigned this month was Orange and Silver. I scrapped this photo of my friend Teresa, who makes fab softies, crochet hats and other fun stuff. Check out her shop here!

Around here this girl....

has been quite sick. First some sort of virus, fatigue and a cough. A couple of days of this and she added a kidney infection. Last night she topped it off with gastro. Here I had been thinking she might be able to get back to school, but no such luck today. Cedar had gastro overnight Friday and has been a bit unwell and tired since. He seems better today, since his morning nap. Of course, if he doesn't have an afternoon one it will be a different story!

Ash woke up this morning with a cough, running upstairs to the bathroom to throw up! Gastro number 3... no kinder for him. This close to school holidays, missing so much school and kinder seems a bad idea, but what can you do. He declared himself to be "all better now" after throwing up, had a sandwich and watched a movie or two before falling asleep on the couch for two hours. He seems ok now, just grumpy ;)

Ben also wasn't feeling too flash but headed to work anyway and is apparently feeling much better now. I'm feeling fine, LOL. Just trying to get stuff done and organised while looking after little people. It's going to be that sort of week :) Saturday brings school holidays, and next week the kids and I are heading off on a road trip to Adelaide! I have six photo sessions planned for while we're there, plus some fab family catch-ups and even some free time ;)

We are there for a week, and then I'll be back at home for a couple of days to relax before helping out at the ABC Gardening Show. Fun times :)

Christchurch and a question

I've been a bit quiet, haven't I? With the exception of much photo-editing (I still have a couple of sessions to blog, and the second part of Scarlett and Taylor's wedding), that is. Things have been busy around here this past week. Last Tuesday we flew home from a week in Christchurch, New Zealand. On Saturday morning, about 4:30am, Christchurch suffered an earthquake 7.1 on the Richter scale... so that has been in my thoughts. The people, the places. How unsettled and uncertain everyone there must feel.

Sienna has been sick, but seems to be getting better at the moment. Am hoping she will be well enough for school tomorrow, but will wait for her morning Dr appointment to find out. Ash has been a bit of a trial lately, having particular trouble with letting things go and handling transitions, but we borrowed a weighted snake toy from Early Intervention today which will hopefully help calm him at those times. We shall see!

I have a few writing projects in the works, some web stuff and some scrapbooking... and in a few weeks will be in Adelaide. I'm yet to finalise the dates we'll be there, but there are a few slots free for photo sessions... check out Curiouser for more info on how they work :)

I have a question for you... if you could ask me about photography (techniques, tips, approaches and ideas, whatever), what would you ask? Well, actually, you can ask me ;) But what would you want to know about? Or, perhaps... read about? I'd love to hear from anyone, but I'm probably directing this mostly at scrapbookers... if you could let me know in a comment or email, I'd love to hear!

Scarlett and Taylor's wedding - Part One

A few weeks ago I photographed this really sweet wedding... Scarlett and Taylor are both pretty unassuming, and one thing I loved about them was how much it was just about the marriage for them, and not about the day. That said, it was a gorgeous wedding and a lovely day, they were both fantastic and I had an awesome time capturing them :)

After the ceremony and family shots outside, we headed to Mont de Lancey for some more relaxed photography... the Krispy Kreme donuts I brought along for the ride were a bit hit (especially with the best man!)

Leanne's family gallery

Sneak peeks were posted here... now that I'm done, here are a few more faves!

And the red sand, blue sky... love it!