2010 Calendars

I've been editing photos and designing calendars via RedBubble, three so far - check them out here.

Cedar Today

  • is 10 weeks old. ish.
  • was smiling too much to drink his bottle at lunchtime
  • has a bit of a cold
  • is wearing one of my fave rompers with it's Max/Wild Thing style hood
  • got lots of kisses and cuddles from his big sister

Finding things

1. Tea Princess Maxi Dress - so stylish vintage, love it

2. Elfin doors. So whimsical! Originally seen on Apartment Therapy

3. Simple, stylish wooden baby gym from IKEA - we picked this up yesterday, it's fantastic

4. I heart JinkyArt

5. Kitschy cute Apple cookie jar from Arthur's Circus

6. I wish I could remember where I got this image. A great eco-friendly and just a bit cute idea for growing seedlings

7. Can't find where this one came from either. Just in love with it. I want a timber boat for my garden. Seriously.

8. Make me want to sew - Wovenplay

9. This looks like a fun idea for girly girls and their crafty mamas - from rainbowfairydust on etsy

10. Oh cool. I have a thing for silhouettes, and this design makes my heart beat faster and fires my imagination - by Shadow Theatre

Accidental poetry


I have written a couple of little poems, nothing too intense just some things that popped into my head last week and today...


I'm curiouser and
curiouser in a
maze of
contradictions, all
hidden instability and
private pain.

In the mystery of
synapses I'm all
lost in definition,
perhaps a seed of
will let me go


Blowing dandelion wishes,
running barefoot through the grass.
Giving butterfly kisses
all sunshine and heart.
Wearing daisy chains as crowns,
every day we make believe.
Thoughts had wings when I was little,
my life a beautiful dream.


Now I'm off to take Sienna to hospital for her cystoscopy. Ooh, and my photo of her blowing a dandelion was featured on the homepage of the 'Childhood' group on RedBubble .

Some bluebells are white

Isn't that a bit of a contradiction? It seems like they should be called something else. In my garden it's hard to remember that they're not onion weed, which is just all over the place right now. But among them were some snowdrops (gone now) and now bluebells in white, blue and lilac. Mostly blue, but still. This afternoon I spent a few hours pulling up onion weed and other mess in the garden (this is but a drop in a pond, but it's a start at least), and when I came inside I picked a bunch of bluebells to make myself feel better about the garden. I actually love it. I just hate that others hate it. But I've ranted about that before, so let's move on.

Here is a page I did on Thursday

And now Kell and I are off to see Lisa Mitchell at Ruby's - just around the corner, gotta love that :) Ben and I saw her a few months ago at Brunswick and I really enjoyed it, so it should be fun. Kell, Roh and I also saw Paul Dempsey at Ruby's a week and a half ago (fantastic), and last weekend we picked up Beatles Rock Band for the 360, so I'm feeling quite music-inspired of late!


I have felt like scrapping lately, though I kept getting frustrated or distracted and all weekend wanted to scrap but didn't get to! So this week I have been determined, and yesterday afternoon I scrapped this layout for a challenge on the Aussie Scrap Source blog - they post the entries and have a poll to vote for your fave, check it out here. And the layout uses a photo of my sister Hayley and her little boy that I took earlier this year when they visited.

Curiouser and Curiouser

Tonight sees the launch of my re-invented etsy shop danielleQ: curiouser & curiouser, with art, photography and design prints, original mixed media, photography and paintings. Soon to be added are some handmade baby hats and other things, as well as a gorgeous range of girls' hair clips by my gorgeous friend Kate :)

Here are a few things that are in the shop already...

We went and saw Ponyo yesterday and all enjoyed it. Ash says to me this morning "I like Ponyo, mummy" - me too, it was cute and we always like a new Miyasaki film :)

Vote to win...

This year Smile with Centro has online voting as well as instore, yay! So, mum you can vote for me if you like without coming to Victoria after all :)

To vote click here - enter your details and select 'Victoria - Brandon Park' under shopping centres if you want to vote for my photo, or whichever other centre you want to check out, and click 'next'. In the Brandon Park list of photos, mine is called 'Bear' and looks like this (above)!

dQ Art Release....

So I have this concept of combining my photography, canvas and mixed media/painting (even with a touch of stitching now and then) and making a range of affordable art. Each piece handmade, some in similar series to one another, some one off ideas. I've been working on a starting collection which will be launched this Friday evening here...


If you're local, why not check it out? It should be fun and interesting! After it's done I'll work on adding the new art release to my etsy shop. It's all happening, bit by bit :)