Pictures and a donation

This is the final incarnation of my painting 'beauty', from last Friday. Yep, took the trims off. LOL. The painting is 16" square and 1.5" deep. I've donated it to the fantastic fundraiser Crop For Kids which I'm going to next Friday, and Kiti Q will be there with a stall as well. I'm not sure how it's being used - prize/auction/raffle whatever - but if you can't go to the fundraiser and you love the painting, you could always email Wendy or Ange - you never know ;) EDITED TO ADD: Apparently it will be sold in a silent auction, so if anyone wants to place distance bids, email Wendy :) The money raised from the day goes to the Children's hospital, so that's pretty nice.

I've had a busy day NOT at the computer and NOT scrapping! Wonders will never cease. LOL. What a funny saying. Anyhow, this morning I put up this cute little shelves - only 10cm deep - all along the windows in our foyer, which is also my study/scrap area. There is a piccy here - the left half (above my desk) has scrapping stuff and a few things I love, and the right half has some of my vintage camera collection. I also hung this oriental paper parasol up in our lounge.

Here are some close-ups of things on my shelf - this beautiful dragonfly bookmark which my mum got me as a gift a week or so ago. It has real Austrian crystals embedded in it, and is really lovely. Too nice for a book, so it is on my shelf. Next to my flower fairy dolls.

Didn't think I was a doll person, did you? That's because I'm not ;) But when I was little my best friend Rosie and I liked to play with "little dolls" when we weren't too busy pretending to be stuff. Like fairies. These dolls are the actual two that I got when I was about 8, I remember being so desperate to have some because they were the Cicely M Barker flower fairies that Rosie and I pretended to be all the time. Anyhow, they are cute and remind me of all that pretending and imagination. So they are up on my shelf too.

This purse is so cute, I bought it yesterday. Love the little japanese figures on the fabric. I also got this funky/interesting hair clip with Mona Lisa on it. Cool, hey?

And because I'd promised my sister in Adelaide, here are photos of the kid's new beds. Ash's new bed being Sienna's old bed, and Sienna's new bed being from ebay ;). So Ash is officially out of the cot now, and I get to list his baby stuff on ebay. Oh the joys.

Have a great day!

Photographer's Choice

Firstly, just a note: you have until (early) Monday morning to enter my blog giveaway - see post
+ New Post

I finished editing the wedding photos from the wedding I shot on the 16th. Posted the discs off today - time for the negativity to set in (I can feel the nerves beginning again...). It's such a funny thing, this time I do know they're good photos, still a bit anxious tho. Mind you they could be completely average, would still be a bargain. So I don't need to be critical. Am I convincing myself yet? I'm trying, LOL.

Here are my faves. There were 167 photos, so it was hard to choose just a few. Click on any to see a bigger version :)

Deck of Me 12

My deck of me card for week 12. "I believe" - though it feels strange to declare a religious belief in a primarily scrapping blog, it is a true and deep part of who I am.

Just wanted to post this card in a separate post to my blog giveaway, hence the two posts at once ;)

+ New Post

Ooh it was quite exciting (in a lame kind of way) as my blog dashboard said "99 posts" and I click... + New Post. Da da dum!

OK as promised, I have a special blog giveaway this post, but first all the rambling and pictures I want to do :)

Two new layouts - one from Sunday for the Scrapbook Divas cybercrop - the prompt was 'heartfelt journaling' and I used a letter I wrote to my parents over 4 years ago. Love this photo of them too, I took that just last week when they were over. The page uses Basic Grey Pheobe range on Making Memories kraft paper. Also these cute E.K. Success word stickers. I could easily make them myself but who can be bothered? I love the randomness of the words they have and the fonts they come in.

This second layout I did yesterday afternoon, when I needed a break from editing wedding photos. They are going well, btw. While I'm editing is always one of the 'up' stages of my confidence (see earlier post for explanation LOL). OK back to the page - this is a scraplift of a Tia Bennett page, I decided to do this fortnight's challenge on the Aussie Dares blog How Dare You. Have wanted to scrap this page for awhile. Love the warm tones. Gorgeous Basic Grey Stella Ruby background paper, and I love the MME Bohemia Rubons. There are a few Rouge de Garance and Urban Lily rubons on there as well as some 7 Gypsies paper. Making Memories velvet alpha and Scenic Route Chipboard alpha make up the title. Hmm what else. Heidi Swapp journaling spots. Embroidery thread - I used one strand each of two colours to reflect the butterfly rubon that is on the left. Really happy with this page.

Oh I forgot I did the last layout for the 123 cybercrop on Saturday I think it must have been. This photo is of Sylvia and Jeff from when I was in Hamburg, Germany, a few days before their wedding. I always loved this shot - the slightly blurry warm lighting, train just coming in. I always thought it funny too, in a cute romantic way. The engaged couple kissing, the married-almost-a-year couple looking on, the married 7 years girl behind the camera on the other side of the world from her husband. That sounds terrible, we would have loved Ben and Sienna to come too, couldn't afford it. Still, the photo makes me smile. That is Ash's stroller Jeff is hanging on to btw. Not in love with this layout, I wanted plain black background actually but just didn't have any.


Last night I made this little canvas to be my blog giveaway. I wanted it something small, but arty. And regulars will know how I love dragonflies. So this little canvas is my giveaway, but if the winner prefers they can have a layout scrapped by me instead. I never really go for that sort of thing (because I scrap more for the process of creating than for having albums of pages), which is why I wanted an actual artwork to offer, but I am happy to scrap someone else's photos if they want me to. Man, too many explanations ;)

The canvas is 5 inches square, 1.5 inches deep and yes I will post it internationally! Next Monday morning I will print out all the comments from this post and do the random draw thing. If you like you can specify in your comment which you'd prefer - I might even do a draw for each option. Hmm depending ;) LOL. You can tell I've really thought this out. :) I'll think about it and clarify in the next few posts, how does that sound? LOL.


Three layouts in two days... plus one painting and two atc's (which I can't show you). I've a-been creating, and I needed it, that's for sure.

I actually pulled the ribbon off the painting I posted yesterday, at my husband Ben's suggestion, and I have to agree it looks more open for it. Will have to take a new photo to show all as it looks quite different, and as Kell said, it is brighter in real life anyway.

This top layout is from today, and is for the Scrapbook Divas cybercrop that is on this weekend. Black and white theme. I loved making this, the Creative Imaginations transparency AND striped scalloped paper are just so cool. The rubons softened it nicely, with Cherry Arte chipboard adding to the flow. I love the little that remains of my Rouge de Garance rubons, and used the phrase 'ma princesse' at the bottom of the layout, under the funky trim that came with the Poppy Ink add on kit I bought. Lana (a.k.a. Alannah) is my beautiful niece who always looks so grown up, but is actually just 3, only two months older than Sienna.

OK this next one I also love and I had it in my mind ever since I heard this song "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson. Love that girl. Bought her CD from cdbaby a month or so back. Link in my sidebar if you wanna hear her. A pic of my hubby Ben which I took when we were at his dad's place a couple of months ago. The lyric is special because of how much meaning is behind such simple words. I love the little things he does in everyday life that make me feel loved, and I feel grateful that I can be myself with him. I think with my personality, sporadic depression and 'arty-ness' (read: chaos) means that would not always be easy. I managed to work this one in to a 123 Cybercrop challenge too, what a bonus. Ooh and the stamp, mustn't forget the stamp - designed by the gorgeous Zina Wright, and available with the March boxx of scraps from Scrapboxx. I must admit I don't normally get them, don't get any kits at this point actually, but just had to have Zina's stamp!

This last layout was the first I did yesterday morning, and is also for the 123 cybercrop. Cute photos of Ash, Ben, Ben's brother Matt and their dad Mike. Also taken back in Jan when were at 'Nan and Pop's' for the weekend. Love the Bam Pop papers? They are so cute, and currently only available in Oz from that funky online shop Kiti Q. They are getting in some of the COOLEST brand new stamps from Bam Pop, I think as early as next week. Kell will also bring them to the Kiti Q stand at Crop for Kids, as well as the Limited Edition Trip to India papers from Rouge de Garance, My Mind's Eye Magnolia and my funky favourite Doodlebug Frills.

Hmm what to make next.... ;)

Wow post 98

OK I know I did a post like an hour ago, well maybe a bit more. But since then I just did this painting / mixed media thing and I'm trying to decide if it's crap or great. Really not sure. It's about 16" square, and is mixed media due to the addition of ribbon, trim and book paper. The text at the bottom says "we are beautiful monsters - some of us angels" from an older poem.

Also here is a photo of Ash running amok around the yard. He is SUPPOSED to stay on the verandah (due to the dangerous concrete steps nearby) but in fact went for a very fast wander all over the place, sans pants. Or shoes.

Post 98 means my post 100 giveaway is nearly here... still not decided what tho, LOL. Suggestions / requests are welcome ;)

Dance, sing, create. The sun is shining today.

My Crazy Boy...

...Is climbing all over my shoe rack (which is actually a vintage toy doll's bed made of cane - not really made to support 11kgs of 1 year old boy). Driving me crazy. Just five minutes ago he went into the kitchen, pulled a chair over to the sink where dishes are drying and knocked some glasses into the sink. For no apparent reason. Yes, one broke, no he didn't get cut. Oh my goodness.

Anyway, here is my card for Emily's deck of me project, week 11 I think it is. I actually made it on Monday evening but just haven't gotten around to getting it on the computer until today.

Here is an older fave layout, I love this one for lots of reasons - the Rouge de Garance paper, which I want more of! I only really had this sheet and the shinier papers (like the one on my card above). Hanging out for more RdG to play with. Anyhow, I also love the photo, plus the polaroid frame I put on it in Photoshop. Really I just love the mix of strong patterned paper, paint and messy handwriting :) I thought I'd post it again cos it matches the 'blue' challenge on the RdG blog at the moment. Can't make a new page for it, have no paper!

It felt weird to say that since I have loads of paper - just not the RdG. Funny. Got my ribbon pack from Tarisota a week or so ago, and it's so cool. Between that and the Poppy Ink add-on pack I bought I've been itching to play. Not had a chance tho. You never know, maybe today.

Looking forward to Crop for Kids - not long to go! Kiti Q will be having a stall, but I am really there as an attendee. Will help Kell out if she needs it of course. Looking forward to meeting new people - but if anyone reading this is going to be there, please remember I am actually a TOTAL introvert! I am not always as (outwardly) friendly, and rarely as chatty, as I wish I was. But I will try :)

Also for those in the Melbourne - specifically Eastern (outer Eastern really) suburbs - Kiti Q, Charmane Koch of the 123 challenge blog and Bon's Scraps are joining together for a 'Scrap 'n' Chat' afternoon in April. It is on Saturday the 14th April at Belgrave South Community House. I have to post the info on the Kiti Q site later today, so check it out :) Registration is by the contact form on Kiti Q at this point. Hope to see you there! I get to do the music, usually, so be warned ;) Just kidding. It does put me in a good mood for scrapping though.

At the moment Regina Spektor is keeping me boppy enough to be motivated. Enjoy your days!

Photo love

Some photo love today. These are from our family outing with mum and dad on Sunday. This is my mum and dad - aren't they cute?

Am kind of rushed today, lots of work to do (unfortunately not scrapping related).

One of these shots is a preview for those who are interested in the wedding I photographed on Friday. When I've edited them (this is the only one so far) I'll post a few more.


Here are some photos of my cute little people, took these on Monday morning.

Am SO tired. Big day shooting a wedding. It went really well, though, and I love the couple - they are super cute. Now is time for my second phase of nerves to arise.

Ben and I worked out I have a six-phase response to photography jobs, most particularly weddings. !. Before the day - anticipation (negative), wondering if I will do well, get the shots etc. 2. On the day - enjoyment (positive), happy with how the shoot is going, confident the shots are good.3. After the day - anticipation (negative), worried if I was completely wrong and when I go to edit them will they all be rubbish. 4. During editing - satisfaction (positive), happy with the photos, love some, confident in their quality. 5. Upon sending them to client - anticipation (negative), thinking I was all wrong again, and the client will hate them. Or they are actually good but the client will still hate them. 6. Upon hearing back - satisfaction (positive), happy and confident because they love the photos, the shoot is officially a success.

Phew. So am building up my step 2 at the moment.

Got something cute I started the other day, will try and finish it soon so I can show all.

Du bist die nudel... meiner suppe. I have this cute sheepworld calendar I bought at the airport as I was leaving Hamburg last August, and this month's picture is super cute! Not sure if I spelt it correctly, but it means "you are the noodle in my soup" I believe. So sweet :)

I made this week's 'deck of me' card this evening after dinner, with Sienna sitting on my lap. She made her own - she got me to write her name of course (she is only 3 after all) but was quite specific what she wanted and where! It's a struggle to stop her stealing all my supplies from my desk - but I've made her a bag of scraps and pieces I've given her, which she can use.

Another sneak peek here of a project I'm working on - will show (and tell) all when it is ready :)

In the meantime, my two new class kits are now up on kiti q and are quite the bargains, if I do say so myself!

Class Kits

I've been working on class kits for Kiti Q over the past couple of days, and there are now two new class kits on the site. Very limited quantities at the moment (just one 'Be Real' kit and two 'City of Light' kits), with slightly less limited quantities to come ;)

Here are a few detail shots of the pages you can create with the kits.

The kids are a bit unwell at the moment - not completely miserable, just kind of tired and grizzly. Sienna is losing her voice, so is all croaky. And Ash is still going through tissues at a rate of knots. Lovely stuff. LOL.

Yesterday we had a picnic lunch down in the backyard - Sienna collected chestnuts from the ground beneath the horse-chestnut tree, and I showed Ash how to blow out dandelions. Which he couldn't do, but he was quite impressed with the idea. I set up the camera on some pavers, and used the remote to take some photos of us all. Actually, Sienna had the remote for most of the time and there will be lots of photos of her pointing it at the camera! Later I realised I'd forgotten to change my settings and the quality was still set on low from when I was taking photos for the web. Damn.

Completely forgot until this morning that it is a long weekend here in Victoria, so that was a bonus sort of surprise. Ben thinks he might be able to finish my Danielle Q Photography website tomorrow, which would be cool. The book with my ad in it - The Nappy Bag Book 2007 - is already released, so getting the website up would be a great relief.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend, and finds time to create!