Another page from the weekend cybercrop. I like having challenges to work with, although they sometimes get frustrating if they limit the direction of the page too much. But I often end up with pages I simply would not have come up with if I hadn't been challenged with certain criteria.

That said I have one in mind that I just want to scrap for me, not with ANY requirements or destinations in mind!

This is cute, my sister Kell and her big funky sunglasses. Really love this new KI Memories zebra print paper - kind of funky and retro at the same time! A stripe but not a stripe... LOL. Anyhow it's fun to use. That's two pages using it in just two days! Funny stuff.


Julie said...

Looks great Danielle. Love the bright colours and the pics of Kelly.

Christiane said...

love the funky style of this page!! :)

christiane said...

love the funky style of this page!! :)