eBay and Conversation

On the weekend, Sienna got this...
...a Hello Kitty cd player. She was very excited and has been playing the two cds I burnt her from itunes ever since (High School Musical soundtracks - her choice - and a Frances England album - my choice). When she asked for the boom box after seeing it in the Myer toy sale catalogue, it was on the condition that she sacrificed something she already had, so she agreed to sell her Fisher Price Little People Kingdom Castle set and the accessories...

I'm over ebaying for the time being, so if anyone is interested, it is ideal for 2-5 year olds. This first picture is the castle and the original people/props included, the second picture is the whole collection with the other extras she has. If anyone wants it, we're in Upwey, outer East of Melbourne and you can have the lot for $20, just email me :)

Yesterday morning the kids and I had a little photo session in the garden - mostly Alannah, with some shots of Jude. I overheard a funny little conversation between Lana and Sienna this morning..
A: Do I look really beautiful?
S: Yes
A: Really and really beautiful, like a rose?

Funny cute girl. She looks so grown up, she's only recently turned 5 would you believe. She and Sienna are a funny contrast.

So I have been ebaying today, I added ten scrapbooking books, most of them brand new from Memory Makers. Some great books, I just have way too much clutter as it is :) You can check them out here if you're interested.

Sick kidlets and magnolias

Here are some newer pics of my magnolia tree - despite the crazy winds we had on the weekend, they are still intact (these photos were from the day before the winds, though). So I'm thinking the tree is in for the long haul - yay!

I did one last layout with my DT kit for Kiti Q - a simple page with Vintage Moon papers, an Elle's Studio sticker, some magic mesh, Carolee's Creations and Pink Paislee alphabet stickers.

The kids are sick at the moment - Sienna more so, at about 12:10am she was yelling out from her bed (for her dad, incidentally, but he was fast asleep), so I brought her in with us. She woke up every hour asking for water to drink, until at about 4:10 when she vomited all the water back up again, and we did a quick removal of electric blanket and re-made the bed. Then she slept until 8:15. Now she is miserable on the couch, poor little girly.

A day of vegging out is definitely in order!

Vintage Moon and Colour Combos

These first two layouts are for Kiti Q, featuring the new Vintage Moon range from Pink Paislee. 'Go Your Way' also includes Jenni Bowlin apothecary stickers, Elle's Studio Lollipop Shop label, Scrapware trees, magic mesh and tiny alpha stickers from Carolee's Creations - all in stock at Kiti Q.

Wild At Heart uses some Scrapware chipboard butterflies and tree, Jenni Bowlin apothecary stickers and chalkboard alpha stickers, magic mesh and the other colour of Carolee's Creations tiny alpha stickers - love those ;) Again, you'll find them all at Kiti Q. While you're there, subscribe to the newsletter - Ruey is launching a Kiti Q blog soon and will be having a design team competition for starters...

The current issue of Scrapbook Creations has the following two layouts. I was asked to join the Colour Expert Team at Scrapbook Creations (mega excitement followed that email!) and this month was the first issue where I am on the team. The layout 'Toby's Angel' is of my brother-in-law Toby and the weekend last year where we all met his girlfriend Tarie. The romantic vibe suited the assigned colour combo, I thought, of red, black and white.

Speaking of Tarie, for you Adelaide-ians, she has her own photography business. The website is here - TLC Photographics

'Where Thou Art' is the layout I entered into the Scrapbook Creations colour competition, and was one of the runners-up. Though it was photographed a little dark in the mag. I love this photo of Ben and Sienna though, we were in London.

I just want to add a note to any previous customers of Danielle Q Photography (previous because the business is no longer active), in case you did not take the time to read the terms and price list before hiring DQP, one of the terms of service was "Danielle Q Photography reserve the right to use the images for promotion, competition or advertising purposes." This includes the addition of photos to public online photography galleries, any competitions, blogs or advertising. Booking DQP indicated acceptance of the prices and terms presented to you. And anyway, I am always flexible and reasonable and if anyone does not wish the images of themselves or their family to be public, they need only let me know. No dramas necessary, just communication.

It was implied yesterday on a public forum that no such terms existed for DQP and that I may have acted without integrity regarding the display of my photographic work, which is absolutely not the case. The issue was resolved with a minimum of fuss, but the smear on my character was never cleared up, so I wish to clarify these details as simply as possible. Makes me feel disillusioned about people sometimes, though I try to be a generous and reasonable person. But, in any case, moving on.

October's sneak peek is up at Q Tea Kits... lots of robot cuteness coming next month!
This morning I got my red velvet art September kit with the GORGEOUS Woodland Whimsy papers included, so you can probably expect another layout or two within the next week :)

BTW, my email has been a bit sporadic of late (it dropped out for hours yesterday and is not working right at the moment), so if you need to email me, try to get a quicker response...

Abby Grace

Abby Grace Dexter, originally uploaded by DanielleQ.

OK so my friend Kate had her baby on time (first baby, what is with that? I mean, great for them but I had counted on late arrival to get those preggo shots... never mind, next time round). A few weeks ago and I was able to photograph this sweet little girl yesterday - not a proper shoot, just a mini session because we were all there :)

She is adorable, and little. In this pic she is 3.6kg, ust a touch bigger than Sienna's 3.5kg birth weight. So surreal to think of Sienna being so little, now that she is nearly 5. Granted, still little for her age, LOL, but so grown up in comparison. And a lot more attitude!


magnolia, originally uploaded by DanielleQ.

I planted this last week... I totally love Magnolias and they seem to grow very well in this area. I had a few once and planted them in three corners of the garden - one died straightaway, one hung on for quite awhile, and the one near the road was growing beautifully until it disappeared one day. Weirdness.

Anyhow, I have high hopes for this new magnolia, it is a Royal Crown variety and is pretty strong to begin with :)

I love this bud, all waiting and beauty.

Mum and dad

My cute parents... took this shot a year and a half ago, when Kell and I were at the Freestyle scrapbooking thingy in Sydney, we had the Monday free before flying home. Mum, dad, nan and grandad happened to be flying in from Adelaide to go on a cruise that day, and we met them at the wharf to hang out for an hour or so. I think by the time I'd edited the weekend photos (well, most of them), I'd forgotten about the Monday shots.

I love it 'cos it is so them.

On Friday she told me...

SQ: No laughing!
I don't like laughing.

DQ: Do you like crying?

SQ: No

DQ: What do you like?

SQ: I like cuddle and kisses,
and scrapbooking
and planting
and going in the bath
and playing in the sky
with fairy magic.

I like red and
I like pink.
That's it.

Linkety Link Link and a Challenge or Two

I did some scrapping this afternoon with Kell over and the kids running amok outside (yay for the Spring sunshine - despite the chilly air!). This first one is for ScrapBoutique's September 'Stash Stomper' challenge to use at least 20 buttons.
And for the 1,2,3 challenge this month using teal, spots and scallops... using this older photo of Ben and Ash in the Blue Mountains.
Check this link out - The Crafty Cat Classroom is getting ready to roll, and Cass is having a giveaway or two to celebrate...

More for mum...

The four kids were very cooperative on Saturday, and all looked super cute once again :) Love the photo of Ash and Jude, they were being so cute, little 'buddies' playing together.

This is one of a few self-portraits I took in the car on the way to the convention yesterday morning - I liked my hair and was trying to get a pic of it, bit tricky tho as I only took my fixed 50mm lens with me. I like this one though :)
OK so yesterday afternoon they weren't quite so cooperative, or at least Miss Lana wasn't, LOL! It was actually quite funny, they kept switching places and moving away from each other while I tried to get a shot.
The theme of the convention was 'Guided by God's Spirit' and yesterday morning included a fantastic symposium on all the aspects of the 'fruitage of the spirit' (Galatians 5:22,23). So I am determined to work on being mild and having self-control, among other things. But those traits certainly come in handy when dealing with young kids, LOL.

Hmm other news.. I am getting quick excited putting together November's Q Tea kit at the moment. October's is great, but is all organised so I'm working on November and December. It is a funny thing, as the kit I am currently hyped about is always a couple of months away!

I got a new notebook last week to be a sort of art journal, it is full of kraft paper and I'm quite looking forward to sticking stuff in it. New Sassafras Lass is arriving soon in Australia so I am keeping an eye out, can't wait to play :)