Abby Grace

Abby Grace Dexter, originally uploaded by DanielleQ.

OK so my friend Kate had her baby on time (first baby, what is with that? I mean, great for them but I had counted on late arrival to get those preggo shots... never mind, next time round). A few weeks ago and I was able to photograph this sweet little girl yesterday - not a proper shoot, just a mini session because we were all there :)

She is adorable, and little. In this pic she is 3.6kg, ust a touch bigger than Sienna's 3.5kg birth weight. So surreal to think of Sienna being so little, now that she is nearly 5. Granted, still little for her age, LOL, but so grown up in comparison. And a lot more attitude!

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mezzo mish said...

what an adorable bubs. Love that photo of her blissful face.