With friends

Munich at Dusk

A beautiful post sums up where we are at the moment, over here, by my friend Sylvia. 

In one week we will be on our flight back home.

Little (Italian) Book Adventure

This month's challenge on The Little Book Adventure is to find new places to read. Since Sienna and I are away almost the entire month, since the 3rd til the 30th, it has been inevitable that we find new places to read along the way! To begin with, at the gate in Melbourne International airport waiting for our first flight, Sienna was reading The Little Prince.

She continued reading The Little Prince on the Paris metro and regional trains, but in Florence we found an English bookshop and she read more than one book sitting in this chair there... She ended up selected Olivia goes to Venice (which she just HAD to have, since we had come to Florence from Venice).

To read about a girl in Paris

I'm not really blogging from over here in Europe, but helping Sienna update her blog every few days. Check it out for some more pics :) After the first day Sienna wasn't as interested in photography, lol, so they are mostly mine after that first blog post about arriving.

And now, we're going out to explore Venice!

Auf Wiedersehen and Au Revoir

"Leaving on a jet plane..." Sienna and I are heading to Paris soon. Ben is taking the boys to Reedy Creek for a few days - dropping us off at the airport on the way - before coming home on Melbourne Cup Day to a new routine for the next 4 weeks.

Sienna has a blog over here, where she'll be writing now and then, hopefully including photos that she takes etc. I'm not sure what I'll be doing, as I'm approaching the time off as a "no expectations" thing. With the exception of looking after Sienna, teaching her and not missing trains and so on ;)

It is very exciting, and very near. The suitcases are in the car, the plane departs just after 11pm. I'll be around... and home again in the evening of the 30th November.

Wallace & Gromit

October has meant a couple of fun family outings - always challenging for the kids, but exciting for them too. First we went to Scienceworks for the Wallace and Gromit exhibition, lots of pictures below for that one! Then last weekend we went to Game Masters at ACMI, which 3 of the kids - or perhaps 4 ;) - really loved it. I enjoyed it, too, actually, but perhaps it would have been more fun if Cedar didn't continually run away to hide in the dimly lit video game arcades, and then have a big tantrum! But at least I could take him out and Ben, Sienna and Ash kept looking and playing...

Today I spent the afternoon at the hospital with Cedar (and Sienna along for the ride), as he had smashed his thumb in the car door. They thought it was broken, we had to wait hours for x-ray and attention from the doctor, but then it turns out it is just badly bruised and squished. Clean and wrap it, no problemo.


Calendar scrap challenge

This page is my contribution to the Aussie Scrap Source build a calendar challenge - keep an eye on the blog to see the design team's pages unfolding over the coming weeks :)

I love this photo of Cedar in the bath from last year, and it's a fantastic quote too! I adore quotes, especially to accompany pictures.

A new exhibition

Last week I had the pleasure of setting up a new exhibition in local cafe Have Ya Bean in Upwey's main street. The artwork isn't mine, but is by Jarf of Medieval Mirage, represented by me through Curious Bazaar and I had thought that the work would look beautiful printed up on high quality watercolour paper and framed, which it does :)

The frames are all re-used frames found in op-shops and then taken to a framer to all have matching mats cut and glass put in if it was missing. There are 10 pieces, and 3 sold within a day, which was exciting! The exhibition runs for the rest of October, if you are in the area, why not grab a coffee and check it out! There are a lot of reflections in the photos, and they look much lovelier in real life.

Isn't she lovely...

Does that post title totally get that song in your head? Mwa ha ha! OK I am overloaded with stuff to blog but haven't got photos sorted yet. So here I am sharing some photos from the workshop I ran in Adelaide back in Autumn! This is Marlie, a sweet friend. She is genuinely really lovely, and very gorgeous!

We had a busy busy and fun school holidays, with the older kids going back to school today. This is the first time Sienna has had to manage medication at school, so it will be interesting to see how that goes. She is on the 3rd week of a slow-increase to standard dose of ritalin, for her ADHD that was diagnosed a month or two ago. On top of Aspergers, the poor thing, but she is pretty great about it all, with time to process. The books All dogs have ADHD and All cats have Aspergers are both great tools that help kids get their head around it as well as being ok with it, seeing strengths as well as weaknesses.

Ash was NOT keen to go to school this morning, but in the end walked in to his class on his own. Sienna has plans to help him out at playtime if he is on his own, which is lovely.

And more stuff has been happening, bits and pieces, but I will simply attempt to blog more to get it all covered! I have said it out loud, so I am committed now! At least two more times within the week :)