Little (Italian) Book Adventure

This month's challenge on The Little Book Adventure is to find new places to read. Since Sienna and I are away almost the entire month, since the 3rd til the 30th, it has been inevitable that we find new places to read along the way! To begin with, at the gate in Melbourne International airport waiting for our first flight, Sienna was reading The Little Prince.

She continued reading The Little Prince on the Paris metro and regional trains, but in Florence we found an English bookshop and she read more than one book sitting in this chair there... She ended up selected Olivia goes to Venice (which she just HAD to have, since we had come to Florence from Venice).

Here she is (below) reading her new book in a cafe in Florence.

This last shot is a cute one of Sienna down near the river in Florence. We also found an English bookshop in Munich on Saturday and we now have a pop up Alice in Wonderland book in our collection as well.

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Jackie@My Little Bookcase said...

What lovely memories you and Sienna are creating together.

I love that you've still been able to take part in The Little Book Adventure from the other side of the world.