Pics and rambles

A few pics from our weekend in Adelaide...

So today is for scrapping, or at least this afternoon will be. I have a load of dishes to do and some washing to put on before that - and, as usual, a lot more I *could* do but after lunch it is definitely scrap time. I FINALLY got some more ink and photo paper! Yay! Time to print some piccies for deadlines :)

Hmm what else? I need to pick up some packing boxes, as we plan on rearranging the rooms in the house a bit and the first thing required is my packing up my scrap space... a GOOD thing as it is so chaotic at the moment that I can't even use it, which is a bit pointless. I am looking forward to moving my art area to somewhere a little more hidden - at the moment it is the first thing you see when you walk in the house, as it is in our foyer. But since it is (almost) always insanely overloaded and messy, this doesn't thrill me. So the computers and printers will go there instead, which should be much easier to keep tidy.

And the kids will be moving into their own rooms as a result, as I need the big master bedroom back so that my art area can fit in our bedroom. We are currently in one of the smaller bedrooms which only just has room for the QS bed and a little wardrobe... so I plan on reclaiming some space. It's a bit sad for the kids in a way, I do love their massive room which is mostly play area, but it is - of course - always crazy messy and can be difficult at times when Sienna wants to be left alone or whatever. So it is a good time, with Sienna starting school next year, for them to have their own spaces. It is also a bit fun to think about the new decorating opportunities now that the rooms will be redefined :)