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Hambly and Elle's plus top 12

Woot! I am a bit stunned and surprised, and v. excited, to see my name on Cosmo Cricket's Top 12 list from their design team call. They had over 300 entries... wow. Now they are interviewing and giving an assignment project to each of the top 12, and narrowing it down to a final design team after that. Should be fun, can't wait to see what I need to do!

Now for a layout share...

I have meant to post these for a couple of days - two layouts I did early in the week. Or on the weekend. I don't remember actually, but not long ago, using Hambly stuff and tags / journaling spots from Elle's Studio (am adoring these date / place tags, must pop some in a Q Tea kit on of these days!). Just for fun, which is great to do sometimes :)

In family news, Ash was screaming like you would not believe this morning when I pulled him away from Sienna's kinder. He is ok at leaving straight away after dropping her off, but if he gets to stay for a little while (about an hour this morning) while I do some work in the office there, he simply doesn't want to leave. He screamed as I picked him up, walked through the playground there, through the kinder building and out the front. Through the carpark and down the next street (walking home with him in the stroller). Screaming, screaming, like I was pulling out his teeth or something horrible. An elderly lady walking by asked if he was having a bad hair day, LOL, and after that he stopped screaming. Hilarious. He's been really good ever since we got back home though, if a bit clingy. Funny boy.

Sienna's last day of kinder today since it is school holidays. Not last day ever, just for two weeks. So that should be interesting. I am trying to be nice and actually organise play dates for her, because she loves playing with other kids and visiting people. I just have to gear myself up for the social interaction it requires. Not always my cup of tea - as lovely as people are, and some of these people are gorgeous friends, I wish I could just stay home and paint. I showed Kell my to-do list the other day (it is rather broad - anything from to-do today to, say, to do in my life in general) and she said "burn it. burn it and paint". Awesome. I won't, but doesn't that sound great.

OK rambling over, would you believe I actually have loads to do. Which doesn't really include waffling on randomly on my blog, so I shall be off. Wishing a great day for all :)

Cosmo Cricket faves

I'm thinking of applying for the Cosmo Cricket DT. There aren't that many companies I would apply to design for, I just counted in my head and there are less than ten actually that I can think of. And it's hard to 'suit' a lot of brands with my more arty approach, not to mention the fantastic talent out there also submitting, but I think Cosmo is worth a shot. Besides, they have such fab papers and awesome 'blackboard'.

Looking through, though, I don't seem to use a lot of Cosmo Cricket altogether on the same layout, with the exception of my older class kits and DT stuff for Kiti Q, even tho I have plenty in my stash. In any case, here are my favourite projects using some Cosmo product. This first one I did for a cybercrop and also posted on Scrap In Style where I received some lovely comments :) It's nice to go back and read comments on older work, I think I should revamp my 'feel good file' and make use of it again. Since I'm not always brimming with confidence. How shocking ;)

New website...

...for Outback Pride. I designed it, Ben built the bones (thank you, my techy programming expert!), and I filled it in with new graphical links, etc. Most of the content is the same as the website had previously, with a new 'Food Club' that you can sign up for. Check it all out here

And here is a link to the free digital kits on Two Peas. One of the Rhonna Farrer ones has the frame I used on the 'Remember' layout from my SC article.

In the Clear - SC Issue 55

This one is also in this issue in the Quick Grabs gallery - Sweet 7Teen

Big news from Kell this week, she is selling Kiti Q. Well, closing it anyway. But if someone buys it the website may not shut down. LOL. Time for a balanced life decision on her part, which is an admirable direction to take I think. In any case, the scheduled Scrap N Chat for Saturday the 28th June - details here - is going to turn into a bit of a party ;) fun fun fun!

Find Joy in Simple Things

Made this mini album for the Scrapperie gauntlet competition, but was eliminated this round. Which is convenient, really, as things have gotten crazy busy around here!

Have a great week!