Cedar. Like the tree.


Otherwise known as Jude, this photo was chosen as a finalist from my entries to this year's Smile photo competition... will be on display at Brandon Park from Thursday :)

The winner...

of my 400 post giveaway is comment number...

Kayla Renee! Email your postal address to to receive your surprise package :) When you do, don't forget to let me know if you'd like 1. something creative by me, 2. the chance to have me create something for you, or 3. a selection of creative supplies.

For a creative share, here is my layout from the latest Scrapbook Creations, for this issue we were assigned pink, black and white as a colour combo. There was no doubt in my mind who to feature - my favourite, gorgeous, 'looks way too grown up for 5' niece Alannah. She's just turned 6 but these photos were taken back in March.

I also made a gift last week for the Teacher's Aide in Sienna's class, she spends a lot of time with Sienna (particularly during emotional outbursts!) and is just so sweet. I made the notebook cover inspired by a project in 'Meet Me At Mikes' and used an embroidery pattern by Elsie Flannigan for the bird.
And, since every post needs a Cedar fix for Auntie Hayley (etc), here is the photo I took for the Huggies Jeans for Genes day photo competition

Pixie and Cute

Sienna's new Pixie cut - she got it done on Tuesday afternoon and looks so adorable, and we were all so happy yesterday morning when Sienna realised how easy brushing her hair is now (as we basically don't need to!). Since it previously involved a lot of frustration and tears (frustration for us, tears from her) every morning, this is a wonderful relief :)

Speaking of cute, check out these gorgeous smiles I've been getting lately...

I love this tree top (it's from PureBaby)...

I picked up this hat for $3 from a cheap shop today, thought it would be fun for photos and Cedar sure looks cute in it :)

The mysterious giveaway is still running (see post below), I have already been inspired and spent yesterday afternoon being arty on the lounge room floor - fun! Here is one piece I made - photo art with a bit of stitching...

I plan on producing a bunch of stuff for an event in September, but more about that another day ;)


400 posts, I wonder what do I go on about to get 400 posts, LOL. I've had this post sitting in edit for 6 days while I decide what to do to mark the occasion, if anything. So I've decided to do a giveaway with a difference... the prize is an unknown ;)

If you'd like to win something creative by me, the chance to have me create something for you, a selection of creative supplies or whatever else, help me out by answering this question - having sold Q Tea Kits, I'm now planning on filling my etsy shop with various other things as a hobby. Ideas include stitched baby hats (see Born Awesome), photo art canvases, mixed media canvases, art prints, handmade items, quirky embroidery, paper project kits, scrapbooking embellishments... What would you most like to see?

I'll draw a winner on Saturday the 22nd August, and decide with the winner what is to be their prize!

Yesterday and Magnolia Square

Yesterday I had fun with Kell and Reeze, mostly photographing this boy...

in the Denim-look Huggies nappies that are out for Jeans for Genes day - cute!


On Friday Kell and I headed to Magnolia Square Tiny and Small market in Malvern... gorgeous shops and loads of inspiration - my fave is Lovely Sweet William where I bought these for Sienna's room, they are the perfect style and colours for her. They also have great art prints in their etsy shop -


3 weeks of Cedar and making stuff

I made Ash an eye patch, as he's into pirates at the moment, and I pulled the skull sticker off the pirate hat we bought him from Cotton On Kids - I'm going to stitch something a bit more friendly on there ;)
I made Cedar another hat, after the one Sienna 'designed' was easy to do. This one is inspired by this romper on TinyPeople. Took a few photos this morning, with Kell's help (and hands!).

I've also got a stuffed baby blocks project in the works - it's all about stitching at the moment...