Ahoy, Captain!

Meet Captain. He is now 11.5 weeks old, and joined our family at 10 weeks. His dad is a beagle, his mum half beagle and half cavalier. Other than the usual puppy pooping, chewing, peeing routine - which is to be expected, of course - he has been pretty easy-going and absorbed into our family fairly well.

Little Saxon

 Just over a week ago I had the privilege of photographing this sweet little family. Saxon was born four weeks prem, and we had the photo session on his actual due date. It was really lovely :) Here are a handful of images for his mum and dad.

This week's work - SALE TIME!

So this week has been about Curious Bazaar! We have a huge clearance sale, as we are all inspired for 2013 and all want to make some room for new creativity :) The one-week sale has everything from $2 cards to original paintings, screen printed tshirts, totes, jewellery and lots of children's clothes. I have a pile of about 10 tops sitting next to me to add, and then it is done!

Long time, pretty pictures

While we were away, I shot this little family session with my friends in Germany. Here are a few faves - click 'read more' to see the rest of the post :) I've done a quick redesign (still working on it) and have changed a few things around here!