There have been pictures

Though there has not been much blogging, I admit! With a busy busy couple of weeks behind me, another couple to come and now I have the flu - again. Bleh! But I am trying to take it easy, determined to be well again by Friday when I head to Adelaide.

First we have... A fun couple of days with my cousin Bec and her friend Tamyka visiting from Adelaide. On the Saturday afternoon we headed to the George Tindale Gardens for some relaxation and photo-taking shenanigans ;)

Then we've had family time, lens shopping with my dad, dad building a cool timber bottomless boat for the kids to play with in the garden, my nephew Caden getting to play with his cousins, popping into an op-shop with my nan and finding Ash an Autumn-coloured jacket for playing outside, cuddles with Levi, family walks in the forest, playing with my dad's macro and wide-angle lenses plus the new portrait lens he gave me (yes - GAVE - how lucky am I?) and a new painting for the Have Ya Bean cafe.

Now for tea and quiet time with Ash (and Cedar asleep) until it's time to walk to school to get Sienna.... have a great week everyone!

Homegrown Cute and others

These three layouts were created from the Willow Tree Crafts March Stash Sundae kit, featuring Cosmo Cricket's Garden Variety range of papers and stickers... very cute!

Rainbow dancer

This is my colour layout for Scrapbook Creations issue 77, Rainbow theme! Pictures are of Sienna dancing at her school's rainbow disco last year, when she won the prize for best-dressed girl in a skirt I made for her. I always loved these alphabet stickers from American Crafts but this layout used up the last of them I think...

Giveaway Winner

Yay we have a winner!

Lisa Warner said...
I've been a fan for a long time, love the quirky nature of your artistry. Good luck in your new venture :) Lisa, from Roseworthy, S.A."
Lisa, please email me at with your details and favourite photo from here, or from any pieces I've posted on my blog, as well as the sort of quote you like and I will get to work on your prize soon!

Busy busy

InspiredToday, originally uploaded by DanielleQ.
Neck deep in ebay parcels (Ben had a video game clearance!) and busy with appointments this week...
In two days, my cousin Bec and her friend arrive to stay for a couple of days of fun and shopping...
In four days or thereabouts, my parents and nan arrive at Kell and Roh's for a week of family time (I hope my head cold is better by then, I want LEVI cuddles!)...
In 9 days my sister and her little boy arrive to stay for a week or so...
And in the meantime we have 1 MCHN appointment (Cedar), 1 doctor appointment (Cedar), 1 physio appointment (Sienna), 1 ultrasound (Sienna), 1 specialist appointment (Sienna), 1 early intervention appointment (Ash), school, kinder and whatever else I've forgotten :)

SO blogging may be a *little* lax, but please forgive me and I will pop a photo on every few days at least!


Meet Levi Henry Ingram, my newborn nephew. Congratulations Kell, Roh, Alannah and Jude! He is adorable! And Kell also looks pretty darn fantastic for only 20 hours after he was born :)


This canvas panel I have on etsy has been featured in a gorgeous dandelion treasury:


Things are busy around here, my new nephew was born on Wednesday and he is ADORABLE. So so cute. I have taken pictures, yes I have. But they will wait until his mum is happily settled back at home next week.

Cedar has an ear and chest infection. Bleh. I told the doctor that he has had a cold for a couple of weeks but for the last few days we've noticed him pulling his ear and his cough is more chesty. The trouble is that every time anyone looks at him he smiles, little happy chap, so it is hard to be convinced that anything's wrong. Anyway.

Ben and Ash have also been sick. Double Bleh. Sienna is fine and we bought some vegie seedlings yesterday to plant in the garden. Here's hoping ;)

Exciting news and a giveaway

Welcome to the 'light launch' of my brand spankin' new photography brand curiouser! Check out the blog (it is just temporary until the website comes together) here at and my business page on Facebook... I have a couple of Adelaide sessions available for the 1st and 2nd May, more details on the blog.

There is even a tshirt available at RedBubble (black logo version coming soon) - have a look!

To celebrate the launch of curiouser I am giving away - just in Australia, sorry! - a custom 10"x12" photo art canvas of your choice. The winner gets to check out the range of work I've exhibited at local cafes, choose their favourite photo, let me know the sort of quote or ink work they like best and I will create a piece especially for them. Yay!

ALL you have to do it pop your name and town / city in the comments below, and feel free to spread the word...

She is nesting

... or perhaps not ;) Actually, I'm pretty sure Kell and Roh are just trying to get as much done with their house renovation which is nearing completion before Wednesday, when my newest nephew Levi will be born - yay!

Here are my gorgeous niece and nephew, Alannah and Jude, who are excited to welcome their baby brother this week...

 This one is probably the most accurate maternity photo for her... plaster walls and dust, an evolving landscape of construction, painting and decoration!

But we went for a drive a few weeks ago and took a few more fun shots as well :)

Disclaimer: I'm not a horrible sister to cut her head out of most of these - she insisted her maternity shots were without her face in them, LOL. Here is one with complete Kelly!

World Autism Awareness Day

Today, April 2nd, is World Autism Awareness Day.

Autism is a general term used to describe a group of complex developmental brain disorders known as Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD). (Source: Autism Speaks) It's basically neurological - their brains are wired differently, and each person is affected slightly differently and to different extents, hence the term "Autism Spectrum", as it is seen as a spectrum of symptoms or traits rather than a single common identifier.

Sienna was been diagnosed last year with Asperger Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

In Asperger Syndrome there are severe and sustained social impairments, but impairments are not as severe in the language and communication area. Speech usually develops within the normal age range, but the ability to communicate effectively (known as language pragmatics) is impaired. The impairments seem more subtle in the very young child, and become more apparent as the child reaches pre school and school age. The Asperger person is usually in the normal intelligence range. (source: Autism Victoria)

The Raising Children website is a really good source of information, though as long as we are going ok I tend to take information in small bites and take breaks from it now and then, as there is a lot to sift through to find things that are actually helpful.

With Ash being in early intervention for *some* similar traits and development delays, but without any definitive diagnosis , it just means things can be a bit different around here! The most obvious thing is that their reactions can seem completely out of proportion to the situation, as the stimuli that overwhelms them is not immediately obvious to NTs (or Neuro-typicals). So mostly it just requires awareness and patience, and most importantly a realisation that these sensory issues and neurological quirks are both part of who they are but not the definition of who they are.

And besides the details of diagnosis and whatever, they are awesome people!

8 years of marriage

For these guys (my cousin Bec and her hubby Joel)... we had a fun photo shoot which started in the Ranges and was mostly inner city, before heading to dinner at Fifteen Melbourne. This was a month or so ago now ;) Here are a few captures...

I went all 70s magazine and grainy on that last one - seemed appropriate ;)