More little peoples

We are safe home from our interstate travels, and even still sane after the 10 hour drive home. No, it doesn't actually take 10 hours to get to Adelaide, it takes 8. But with a 3 year old on board only 2 hours of breaks for food and play is doing quite well actually. Seriously, the kids were actually really good on the drive. I think they're getting used to it ;)

Here are some of my favourites from the shoots on the weekend. Alisha is such a little bundle of cuteness - since she was quite prem, she is still really small although she is 5 months now, and has all the expressions and mannerisms of a 5 month old. It's adorable! Actually she wasn't much bigger than the twins, at 2 months, and Caden as a newborn! They are all within a kilo of each other in size, so it was quite interesting really.

OK this is getting dull so I am signing off for today. Cheers!

Babies and Babies

And none of them mine (in case you were getting strange ideas...). I had three photo shoots to do over this weekend holiday in Adelaide, and they were all lots of fun! First was my newborn nephew at 3 days old, still in hospital but with my spiffy lens the hospital room lighting wasn't really a problem. Here are some of my favourite shots!

The other two shoots were today - one this morning of Bec and Matt's little girl Alisha - Bec is Ben's step-sister. This afternoon I photographed my cousin's family, which includes her 8 week old twin girls Layla and Kirby, and her 2 year old (or almost 2, I forget) little girl Riley. I haven't uploaded any of those photos yet, will post my best shots in the next few days.

Hello Caden!

Congrats and *hugs* for my little sister Hayley (well, 24, not that little), and her newborn baby boy Caden Nicholas Chapman, born by c-s yesterday evening. Weighed in at 10 pounds 1 oz, just a couple of ounces heavier than Alannah when she was born. Still, the biggest born yet of the grandchildren, he'll probably give Ash a run for his money for toughness! LOL. Will be visiting Adelaide over the weekend, so will have photos to post next week. In the meantime I edited a photo of Hayley pregnant, which mum took.

I went to Ruby's to see The Audreys last night, which was just fantastic. The support act, Liam Gerner, was - bizarrely - from Mt Barker, my hometown (and where my folks and Hayley live). So I bought his EP, and he is quite good actually, both singing and songwriting. Trippy though, the coincidence of it.

The Audreys themselves were so cool, all groovy folky, full of character. I am way tired, though, as Sienna had a bad dream or something and was in our bed for the entire 6 hours that I attempted to sleep. Then she woke up with a raging temperature, all miserable and clingy. So I am a bit out of it today. Enjoy the pics :)

Why not

Heading off to Adelaide on Friday night - well, partway to Reedy Creek and then on to the Adelaide Hills on Saturday. My sister is hopefully having her baby, a little boy Caden Nicholas, today or tomorrow. It will be nice to catch up with everyone, give mum and dad their anniversary gift from us all, and photograph my new nephew :)

I did another Bam Pop page, this time for SAM's Elsie Challenges, you can see it here.

Took a few shots of the kids today, not many, here are the faves. Am having a 'bleh' kind of day. Did so much cleaning on Sunday and Monday, but the house looks messy as always. What is that quote about cleaning while kids are growing up being basically pointless? And I hate cleaning in the first place.

It is also too hot for us to go outside, though I wouldn't mind working more on the garden. Except my ant bites on my right ankle from Sunday morning are all inflamed and irritated. The other ankle, which I twisted on Saturday morning in the garden, seems to be improving. The right knee is still black and purple from the fall, though.

I'm going to play some more with paint and stuff, see if that motivates me. If not, I can always fold washing :P


This morning there was a dragonfly on the bathroom mat. The cats must have brought it inside, and so we thought it was dead. When I went to pick it up, it turned out it was alive still. I placed it on the window latch and took a few photos as it regained it's strength. It was really interesting to watch it vibrating it's wings gradually faster and faster until finally it shot off into the sky.

I did this layout at Friday night's scrap 'n' chat with my new BAM POP papers and die cuts. It was really cute and fun! I have loads more new papers to play with, but unfortunately have run out of clean canvases. I might print off some photos and do scrapbooking instead.

Paris Frames My Wall

Here is a big canvas I did on Friday, when both kids were at childcare (Ash's first day). Took about two hours all up, and features one of the poems I wrote back in September, in swirls of 'tiny alpha' stickers. The size is about 1m (wide) x 80cm.

Ben was teaching Sienna to say 'I love you' the other day, and she comes up and says to me "Hello Love You Mummy Daddy". Love it :)

The Finish

I did another mixed media canvas yesterday afternoon, here it is. I also did the dishes and made dinner. Woohoo - multitasking!
Last night I went to Toni Collette and The Finish at Ruby's, and had plenty of time to do nothing in between sets, so I will just pop here what I wrote there.

"It is very warm in here, with a very broad range of characters in attendance. I guess I am also slightly out of place but not in as obvious a manner as some.
It's funny how things change. As a teenager, and even a few years ago, I would worry or at least consider carefully what to wear on a night out. And I'd definitely wear make up even though I rarely do/did any other time. Today what I've been wearing all day is cool and interesting enough for me. And I came straight here from shopping at Kmart for children's underwear and a cheap lawn mower (rainchecked that one). But I am less worried than I used to be even without all that forethought.

I brought my camera since the last gig I came to here was so nice and thoughtful - with a happy little seat and table, and funky red lighting. The lighting is the same, but it is crowded and I am leaning at the end of the bar. Trying to stay awake - difficult despite the venti latte I had earlier.
The trouble with that is that coffee doesn't really keep me awake, but a warm drink filling my tummy does make me sleepy! So maybe it wasn't a good idea. But I was so sleepy at 7:30 and didn't want to throw away $20 by not turning up here.
As much as I'm sure nights like this are much better for Ruby's, I prefer the quieter gigs myself.
I want to do another couple of mixed media canvases - a big blue one of Paris and a green toned garden one. I'm really enjoying painting a lot and adding the paper element gives me something extra to think about. I actually find it easier, as some of the texture building is done for me.
The lamps in here are so funky vintage. I really must cover my foyer lamp in black and white. It seems now I might be painting it cobalt instead of the deeper blue I'd planned earlier. I am kind of glad to brighten/lighten the colour choice, but a little disappointed that I've switched loyalties to a paint more difficult to source - which means I don't know when I'll get around to buying it, then painting etc.
Kind if want it done but also want to focus on the yard for a few weeks and get it back under control before fire danger is too much of a concern.
I must remember to nail timber beneath the floor boards to stop those drafts. Then to work out something for the foyer windows. What glamorous things I dwell upon while waiting for the band to grace the stage!
I'm not very '25-ish', when I feel overdue for bedtime already and actually wishing for it a little. But I am sure I'll be glad and inspired after the show, as live music always has that effect on me.
They have a cute graphic on the drum. A face sort of thing. Funky. A question is on the wall here: What is the difference between sleep and consciousness?
Ooh a violin getting ready. Now I'm interested :) Am really looking forward to The Audreys next week. Though there will probably be a reasonable crowd there, it being their second gig here. The last one was in August and I opted out after days of indecision, since I was flying to Germany the following evening. Anyhow, repeat attendees plus new ones I expect. Like me.
The warmth is making it harder to keep awake. I am a bit lame."


After the post the other day about Ash's antics, Ben reminded me (and we observed) a few things I'd forgotten...
  • Throwing himself headfirst into the bath because he couldn't wait for it to finish filling up
  • Eating Sienna's crayons and pencils
  • Whacking the dvd player until it opens and grabbing the dvd out without being able to see what he is doing (all above his head height)
  • Getting under my desk and unplugging the laptop
  • Sucking in water from his drink bottle and then dribbling it down himself, over and over until he is soaked
Am sure there is more, but that's enough for posterity I think!

The weather here is INSANE. Is currently hailing all over my washing. I really need this to clear up so I can garden on Saturday...

Did a scrap page yesterday, it is a bit girly for me but it worked out quite well. Monochromatic for the FK submission theme. So unusual for me - pink AND all one colour theme.
It even has subtle glitter highlights. Are you shocked?

I did a cute 'inner child' quiz the other day that someone had posted on Blue Bazaar, and apparently my inner child is sad. The description said " You're a very sensitive soul.
You haven't grown that thick skin that most adults have.
Easily hurt, you tend to retreat to your comfort zone.
You don't let many people in - unless you've trusted them for a long time."
Now, I agree that I am very sensitive. Always have been. Has taken a long time but I've pretty much accepted that this is not necessarily a bad thing. And I do keep to myself, generally, but not because I am sad - because I LIKE TO.

I think it is a common misconception that solitude is a bad thing. To some people it probably is, but to many introverts (such as myself), it is a requirement. I know I get claustrophobic at times if, for whatever reason, I have not had any real alone time in awhile. I need solitude to recharge my emotional energies. These does not make me sad (necessarily), though I think very sensitive people are probably more prone to depression / emotional issues than others. I don't know. But I just mean that NOT having solitude would make me depressed just as much as too much solitude would make an extrovert unhappy.

Hmm, maybe introverts think too much ;)

Art with Sienna

Can't believe I'm doing another post already, but had an art-filled afternoon and wanted to share.
Sienna and I were both painting.
I was doing some pieces that combine paper, fabric and acrylic paint. The blue one was inspired by Sienna anyway - yesterday when it was raining hard, she did a drawing and said it was flowers in the rain.
Here are Sienna's paintings from today, and my two pieces.

15 months old

Ash has been driving me a bit mad lately, so I have to decided to write down his antics for future reference (as I know Sienna did some of these things when she was younger, but I don't remember specifics).
  • Eating cat food
  • Climbing outside through the cat door
  • Unlocking the cat door and then climbing outside through it
  • Putting his hand in the toilet
  • Lifting up both toilet seats and putting his hand in the toilet
  • Putting toys and pencils in the toilet
  • Getting jars out of the pantry and carrying them around
  • Getting the promite jar out of the pantry, opening it and eating promite with his fingers
  • Breaking the rubber-band holding the pantry door shut and getting the promite jar out
  • Putting pencils through the gaps in the duct vents
  • Pulling up the duct vents and putting toys down the ducts
  • Pulling up the duct vents and emptying my jar of yellow buttons from my scrapbooking supplies down the duct
  • Reaching through his cot bars to pull out his cupboard drawers and empty clothes all over floor
  • Taking the phone off the telephone table and making imaginary phone calls, keeping the phone engaged for hours at a time until I realise and track it down
  • Pulling away the grate, climbing into the fireplace and playing with ash (appropriate, maybe, but very messy)
  • Reaching up to my scrap table and pulling down anything he can reach
  • Pulling things out of the bin and eating them
  • Wriggling out of his pants
  • Pulling off his socks (every time)
I think that's it for the last week or so. Though I may have forgotten something. Not to mention a few months ago when he chewed up the number pad from my mobile phone. The replacement I got from ebay just isn't the same.


Just a quick post, as I have been browsing most randomly, and am now ready to sleep! I wrote two articles for Kiti Q's ideas section this afternoon, and photographed some of my layouts to accompany. One is Funky Felt, and the other is Creative Doodling.

I also photographed some of the mini-album from Elsie's class in Sydney - here are some little peeks!

Funky felt

I have decided that felt in scrapbooking is just fantastic. Not a new thing, exactly, but it is definitely experiencing a resurgence in popularity. I can't wait for the new felt albums from KI! I wanted to write an article about it but am sure it's been done.
Here is a page I did last night for the second SAM Elsie challenge this week, which is to add an arrow. The arrow and brackets are cut from red felt. I will have to send a picture of it to Bec, as I was just thinking about how much I miss hanging out with her. I can't think of anyone else with whom I laugh like with Bec - so I can't stop, even when I try. And every little thing just makes us laugh more. Am hoping when we visit Adelaide when Hayley's bub is born, we will hang out a bit.
Just a quick hello - to Debra who left a comment - are you out there? I wanted to email you but this morning blogger said your profile wasn't public, so I can't! I really enjoyed meeting you in Sydney!


Here are two of the pages I did for this weekend's cybercrop at crafting in style - I did all three challenges but am not completely happy with the first one yet. Am really happy with these two though, so it was a quite productive night last night!

This one from my friend Sylvia's marriage to Jeff, back in August when I went to Germany to be there, is one of my favourite shots from the day. There are many funkier, artier photos, but this sweet smile on Sylvia's face, and the way they are looking at each other, just shouts 'yes' - that they are absolutely certain and joyful to be getting married. I'm sure they had to say something else as part of the ceremony (not 'ja', I mean), but it doesn't matter, it sums up the sentiment!

The other layout is some funny and cool photos of Ben in front of Big Ben in London. I've wanted to scrap them for ages. Ben got sick of me wanting photos of him there, and pulled a face - but that is the photo that makes me laugh! So it worked out well :)

I may not be there yet....

Here is a layout I did for one of this week's SAM Elsie Challenges, which is to take an artistic photo, looking around the home for inspiration. The photo isn't that "arty" for me, but it is a little detail from our verandah. A little tiny snail, thumbnail size, travelling along Sienna's toy watering can. I had the photo printed already just because I liked it, so that was easy!

The quotes I chose made me think a bit - they are all about persistence and journeying. I would do well to reflect sometimes on the pace of nature. I will get things done, just don't stress so much about it. There is a quote about that somewhere...

“The Sun, with all the planets revolving around it, and depending on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as though it had nothing else in the Universe to do.” - Galileo Galilei

Craft vs art - a bit of a rant

OK, for starters, here is the page I did yesterday afternoon for the other SAM Elsie Challenge for this past week.

I have noticed on a few different occasions that forums or blogs have started a 'scrapbooking / art' question. It is one which seems to spark a lot of debate, but I always find it really interesting.

Ultimately I think scrapbooking is different things to different people. In a personal sense, however, scrapbooking for me is a type of art, just as painting, poetry and music are different areas of 'the arts'. I paint and write on many layouts, drawing (doodling) and designing, and there is the photography itself of course.

So why is it not simply a craft? Well, it is a craft. But it is also art. Not Tate Gallery style, perhaps, but the majority of personal art across a variety of mediums can have that said about it. As Loretta Grayson mentioned in her blog recently, art with a little a. Personal art. It is expressive, it is creative. Certain skills, whether 'artistic' or 'crafty' are required. What is not art about that?

For example, realism is a style of painting which is an established art genre. It requires a great deal of talent and skill (usually learned) to supplement said talent. However, to me it is just not expressive in the way impressionism or expressionism is. It is not clever or confronting in the way surrealism or other movements are. But is it art? Of course it is.

The label of craft sits comfortably with many, yet for others (myself included), craft just doesn't do justice to what we do. Maybe this is partly to do with my background - being more 'arts' based. Maybe it's pride. Partly I think it is a reaction to preconceived ideas. Quite likely it is simply a personal preference and understanding of what the word means to us.

Like many hobbies, scrapbooking is a very broad term. It ranges from pure craft to very artistic pieces. Perhaps this is what prompts the desire many have to label their work as art, as opposed to craft. Or vice versa! I have had people be surprised when I've mentioned I scrapbook, in a "but you are so artistic" kind of way. And I think, unless they have seen the range of styles and creativity across the scrapbooking industry, this is a common misconception, stemming in part at least from the label of scrapping as craft.

When it comes down to it, I think we should label what we do however we want. If it feels true to you, then that is as good a reason as any.

Graphic Designing and Stuff

I was so excited to see the new issue of Scrapbook Creations - and no, I'm not published in it! Well, not a layout anyway. Kiti Q have a 1/4 page ad and a marketplace feature, both of which were completely styled, photographed, written and designed by yours truly :). I am really chuffed with how the ad turned out -sometimes the colours don't come out quite how I imagined, but this print version looks great. Here's the ad for anyone who doesn't have/get the mag.

Also did another SAM Elsie Challenge page last night - and went a bit crazy with the doodling! I have another layout to finish today if I am going to keep up with the challenges, so I'd better get scrapping...