Why not

Heading off to Adelaide on Friday night - well, partway to Reedy Creek and then on to the Adelaide Hills on Saturday. My sister is hopefully having her baby, a little boy Caden Nicholas, today or tomorrow. It will be nice to catch up with everyone, give mum and dad their anniversary gift from us all, and photograph my new nephew :)

I did another Bam Pop page, this time for SAM's Elsie Challenges, you can see it here.

Took a few shots of the kids today, not many, here are the faves. Am having a 'bleh' kind of day. Did so much cleaning on Sunday and Monday, but the house looks messy as always. What is that quote about cleaning while kids are growing up being basically pointless? And I hate cleaning in the first place.

It is also too hot for us to go outside, though I wouldn't mind working more on the garden. Except my ant bites on my right ankle from Sunday morning are all inflamed and irritated. The other ankle, which I twisted on Saturday morning in the garden, seems to be improving. The right knee is still black and purple from the fall, though.

I'm going to play some more with paint and stuff, see if that motivates me. If not, I can always fold washing :P

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Kelly said...

Fantastic photos Dan! Also love the new page - very cute and funky...Am so loving seeing what you do with the Bam Pop products