Back at Home

Here are some fave pics from the week in NSW and Sydney - I had a fantastic time doing the workshops at the Papercrafts Festival. Elsie Flannigan was lovely, she has a really vibrant, genuinely sweet personality, and the mini-album project was very inspiring! Will take some photos of my finished product and post them later, as well as the layout from Zina's class (which was also really fun!).

Had a great chat with Julia from For Keeps as well. Though I can't help thinking I must seem - I don't know - not stupid, but strange maybe? Annoying? I know that's just me, I am just not so comfortable talking to people. If only all conversations could take place by writing! I'd be very happy LOL. Actually I really liked her, she was very smart and funny, and really encouraging as well.

I really feel like I'm at some kind of junction in my 'journey' so to speak. Professionally and personally - I have an intellectual and creative need, and to satisfy either one alone just isn't enough. I have a need to be challenged, to achieve something, contribute something, put my skills to use.
So I have a lot to think about at the moment. I am all restless, knowing I need to choose a direction, and just go for it. Mind ticking over.


Anonymous said...

your photography, painting and scrapbooking is AMAZING!!!! JUST love it! Hope you don't mind me popping in to check out your blog! And - you lucky thing - meeting Elsie and Zina and chatting with all those famous scrappers! Looks like you had fun!

Take Care Charmane

Kelly said...

So glad you're home - missed you heaps! Hopefully we can catch up when the kids are all better.

Love the new photos - can't wait to see some more.

Big hugs,