Art with Sienna

Can't believe I'm doing another post already, but had an art-filled afternoon and wanted to share.
Sienna and I were both painting.
I was doing some pieces that combine paper, fabric and acrylic paint. The blue one was inspired by Sienna anyway - yesterday when it was raining hard, she did a drawing and said it was flowers in the rain.
Here are Sienna's paintings from today, and my two pieces.

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Debra said...

Hi Danielle,

yes I have gone public now with my e mail .. well I think I have ?....I laughed when I read your list for 15 month's I am constantly saying to my partner I don't remember arabella doing things like this that reilly does all the time with such intensity.... made me realise to document it and get it down :)......
your art is great am always so scared of paint... always feels out of control and that whole blankness trying to start..... but I could feel the warmth of that sun in that first painting..


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