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I was so excited to see the new issue of Scrapbook Creations - and no, I'm not published in it! Well, not a layout anyway. Kiti Q have a 1/4 page ad and a marketplace feature, both of which were completely styled, photographed, written and designed by yours truly :). I am really chuffed with how the ad turned out -sometimes the colours don't come out quite how I imagined, but this print version looks great. Here's the ad for anyone who doesn't have/get the mag.

Also did another SAM Elsie Challenge page last night - and went a bit crazy with the doodling! I have another layout to finish today if I am going to keep up with the challenges, so I'd better get scrapping...

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Anonymous said...

I saw the ad Danielle and immediately thought of you. It is a stunning ad, well done! I love the other pic in the mag too as part of the editorial.