The Finish

I did another mixed media canvas yesterday afternoon, here it is. I also did the dishes and made dinner. Woohoo - multitasking!
Last night I went to Toni Collette and The Finish at Ruby's, and had plenty of time to do nothing in between sets, so I will just pop here what I wrote there.

"It is very warm in here, with a very broad range of characters in attendance. I guess I am also slightly out of place but not in as obvious a manner as some.
It's funny how things change. As a teenager, and even a few years ago, I would worry or at least consider carefully what to wear on a night out. And I'd definitely wear make up even though I rarely do/did any other time. Today what I've been wearing all day is cool and interesting enough for me. And I came straight here from shopping at Kmart for children's underwear and a cheap lawn mower (rainchecked that one). But I am less worried than I used to be even without all that forethought.

I brought my camera since the last gig I came to here was so nice and thoughtful - with a happy little seat and table, and funky red lighting. The lighting is the same, but it is crowded and I am leaning at the end of the bar. Trying to stay awake - difficult despite the venti latte I had earlier.
The trouble with that is that coffee doesn't really keep me awake, but a warm drink filling my tummy does make me sleepy! So maybe it wasn't a good idea. But I was so sleepy at 7:30 and didn't want to throw away $20 by not turning up here.
As much as I'm sure nights like this are much better for Ruby's, I prefer the quieter gigs myself.
I want to do another couple of mixed media canvases - a big blue one of Paris and a green toned garden one. I'm really enjoying painting a lot and adding the paper element gives me something extra to think about. I actually find it easier, as some of the texture building is done for me.
The lamps in here are so funky vintage. I really must cover my foyer lamp in black and white. It seems now I might be painting it cobalt instead of the deeper blue I'd planned earlier. I am kind of glad to brighten/lighten the colour choice, but a little disappointed that I've switched loyalties to a paint more difficult to source - which means I don't know when I'll get around to buying it, then painting etc.
Kind if want it done but also want to focus on the yard for a few weeks and get it back under control before fire danger is too much of a concern.
I must remember to nail timber beneath the floor boards to stop those drafts. Then to work out something for the foyer windows. What glamorous things I dwell upon while waiting for the band to grace the stage!
I'm not very '25-ish', when I feel overdue for bedtime already and actually wishing for it a little. But I am sure I'll be glad and inspired after the show, as live music always has that effect on me.
They have a cute graphic on the drum. A face sort of thing. Funky. A question is on the wall here: What is the difference between sleep and consciousness?
Ooh a violin getting ready. Now I'm interested :) Am really looking forward to The Audreys next week. Though there will probably be a reasonable crowd there, it being their second gig here. The last one was in August and I opted out after days of indecision, since I was flying to Germany the following evening. Anyhow, repeat attendees plus new ones I expect. Like me.
The warmth is making it harder to keep awake. I am a bit lame."

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