More little peoples

We are safe home from our interstate travels, and even still sane after the 10 hour drive home. No, it doesn't actually take 10 hours to get to Adelaide, it takes 8. But with a 3 year old on board only 2 hours of breaks for food and play is doing quite well actually. Seriously, the kids were actually really good on the drive. I think they're getting used to it ;)

Here are some of my favourites from the shoots on the weekend. Alisha is such a little bundle of cuteness - since she was quite prem, she is still really small although she is 5 months now, and has all the expressions and mannerisms of a 5 month old. It's adorable! Actually she wasn't much bigger than the twins, at 2 months, and Caden as a newborn! They are all within a kilo of each other in size, so it was quite interesting really.

OK this is getting dull so I am signing off for today. Cheers!

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sylvia said...

Oh, how cute. Want to cuddle them all. Great pictures! Would totally book you if I had kids ;-))