Up and Away

We are up up and away - up in a map-reading sense anyway. North of home, that is ;) We drove to Gundagai on Tuesday, on to Penrith yesterday. Last night I did two scrap pages for the SAM Elsie challenges this week. Here they are:

This morning we visited Bethel, getting lost and finally buying a street directory before we actually got there. This afternoon we spent in the Blue Mountains, which were lovely. Much more comfy driving and wandering about the mountains than we are down here in suburbia. Not surprising I guess.

Took a few cool photos, especially at the Three Sisters.
We went in this cool vintage shop in Katoomba and bought a puppet - like a marionette style puppet - made of wood, with a guitar body. I also got a beautiful paper parasol type thing, oriental style, for only $10 because it was a bit torn. Which completely doesn't matter, so my gain! The owners were French and such characters - they loved Sienna especially because she was singing a funny little song as we came in.

Am excited about classes tomorrow, but very tired from our full day so will head to bed shortly. Hope to have some fantastic pages to post by the weekend!


Kelly said...

Hi Chickie,

Love the new pages. You're so good- still doing the pages for SAM while on holidays. They are both fab though :-)

Have a fantastic day today at the Papercrafts Festival. Can't wait to see what you come out with!!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

hey danielle,

great to hear you visited bethel, must tell me all about it!
have fun at the festival, i'll be thinking of you!