Etsy for Baby

Just some of the stuffed baby blocks and balls now up in my etsy shop - still to come, stitched baby hats!
And look at this cute view...

Left of Centre

This month I had an article on pages 88-92 of Scrapbook Creations (issue 71) as well as the colour team layout. It was mostly about how to do arty / freestyle scrapping while maintaining a sense of design and balance. Wonder Boys - above - was my favourite layout from it! Also in this issue I was mistakenly credited with the cover layout, but it isn't my page at all - credit should have gone to Cindy Couacaud.

She doesn't need "fixing"

I bought a new Allison Strine pendant for myself recently and it arrived today, the day my little girl becomes 6 years old. Allison had this in her store worded towards sons (the much higher percentage of ASDs), but she changed mine for me at my request, as this is just how I feel about Sienna. Funny little Sienna has had quite an eventful year really, a couple of medical issues and a range of tests and assessments for various reasons. Most recently she was diagnosed with Aspergers, an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Someone said to me how do I feel about her being "labelled". I don't really feel like it's a label as much as an explanation - it's not who she is, it is a condition which explains the way she sees things, ways which are not always obvious to others because they are different. It also explains why she struggles to regulate her emotions. This is great for her as having that understanding increases our empathy for her at times when she can seem on the outside to be, quite frankly, a real brat.

Someone else said to me "sorry", and as much as I see that this expression is coming from a loving place, I don't feel that it is something to be sorry about either. Sienna hasn't changed - she is who she is, wildly creative, quirky, crazy, funny and cute. Recognising Aspergers will just help us understand her better. And as someone who has always been a bit different from the norm, I'm happy to teach her about the positives of having such a unique perspective. Though I do realise it's fair to feel sorry for us having to deal with the more difficult behaviours. But it's not that big a deal, it's just what we need to work with to have this wonderful, fascinating girl in our lives. I'm grateful to have her, I love that she is quirky and has such a wonderful imagination and instinctive creativity.

One of her latest ideas is that she is the Queen of the world. Apparently Cedar is the King! In her own world they are the two most important people, (um, poor Ash - left out!). Funny little thing. On that note, here is another photo of the little man, lying beside the Australian Cedar tree that Pop planted for him after he was born - cute!

Aunt you cute

All together now - "Awwwwwww"
Cedar and his favourite Auntie. OK, the only one of them that he's met, LOL, but still, he adores her :)

To market to market

Yesterday I had that market stall at the Burrinja open day, and the most success I had was with Sienna's secondhand clothes :)

Of my art and craft items, I sold one rattle ball, one singlet and one little canvas (to an adorable little girl, only about 7 years old!) It was a handy test area though to gauge responses to my work and crafty creations - the stuffed balls and blocks seemed to appeal a lot (they rattle too!). As is usual, many people found my art different and fascinating, which is nice. I think I need to step out of Upwey if I actually plan on selling it though ;) Probably inner city would be more receptive, methinks, for the artwork, and a handmade kids market would be perfect for the hats, blocks etc. Down the track when I have the energy. Perhaps.

AND in the meantime you'll see this lot, and more, in my etsy store soon. I've also gone through and reduced the prices of some of the mixed media already in there to match my market prices.

And just for the cuteness factor, my littlest boy today...

Can You Say Burrinja?

Get Into Art! is Burrinja Cultural Centre's annual open day, and this year the local council-run childcare centre has organised a "Children's Market" in the grounds as part of the event. Burrinja is in Upwey and the excitement begins at 11am tomorrow, 25th October!

I have booked two stalls and have been getting ready with my latest creations - a pile of stuffed baby blocks and balls. I've also got a range of stitched hats, Cedar is modelling two of them in these pics, and a few new canvases and art prints. I'll also be selling some secondhand clothes and my friend Kate's handcrafted hair clips :) I plan on offering custom hats for ordering, as well as custom canvases (with a selection of my photography to choose from). This is what has been going on today...
And this is one of the new canvases, 10"x12" and 2" deep, that will be for sale and available for ordering at $40 each ($35 for this exact one at the market). Talk about ways to keep busy, which is really the last thing I need LOL - next up, crafting for Sienna's school festival on the 14th!

Making stuff

I've been making stuff this weekend, with a house full of not-quite-well people! Actually Sienna was fine today, and Ash slept away a lot of the day but ended up quite chirpy and feeling much better by dinner. Anyhow, making stuff. Sewing some stuff for the Burrinja market where I have a stall next Sunday, made this layout for a competition and the bingo flowers for a swap!

He says

morningcoffee, originally uploaded by DanielleQ.
"You sad, mummy?"

- No, just tired.

"You need to go to bed. Come on"
(he takes my hand and leads me to my bed)

"Go to bed. Goodnight mummy."

- Goodnight Ash

"Want some milk?"

- No thank you.
"Want some cordial?"

- No thank you.
(long pause)

"Want a coffee?"

About Ash

  • Loves pirates and Peter Pan (though I'm not sure how I feel about the pirates thing)
  • Is almost as tall as Sienna, the same weight and has the same assortment of size 4 and 5 clothes, with a couple of size 6's thrown in, as she does. Also same size feet.
  • Always takes his shoes and socks off, making me feel cold just looking at him
  • Is a real problem solver, and happy to help
  • Is currently watching The Princess Diaries at his own request
Journaling reads: "Ash, you approach every day as if it could be the greatest day ever - with joy and genuine excitement. Your laughter and gratitude every day is infectious - I love that about you!" Photos from Seaford Beach earlier this year, though I forgot and wrote Brighton Beach on the layout. Guessed the March bit too, it was sometime in Autumn tho ;)