Can You Say Burrinja?

Get Into Art! is Burrinja Cultural Centre's annual open day, and this year the local council-run childcare centre has organised a "Children's Market" in the grounds as part of the event. Burrinja is in Upwey and the excitement begins at 11am tomorrow, 25th October!

I have booked two stalls and have been getting ready with my latest creations - a pile of stuffed baby blocks and balls. I've also got a range of stitched hats, Cedar is modelling two of them in these pics, and a few new canvases and art prints. I'll also be selling some secondhand clothes and my friend Kate's handcrafted hair clips :) I plan on offering custom hats for ordering, as well as custom canvases (with a selection of my photography to choose from). This is what has been going on today...
And this is one of the new canvases, 10"x12" and 2" deep, that will be for sale and available for ordering at $40 each ($35 for this exact one at the market). Talk about ways to keep busy, which is really the last thing I need LOL - next up, crafting for Sienna's school festival on the 14th!


Kate said...

wow they all look fantastic Danielle!! best of luck today!

Marissa said...

You never cease to amaze me Dani! 3 children AND you manage to make blocks, balls, hats and all your art/photography... whaddawoman!

I must ask you to make me a hat for our daughter,Liana due December ;)