To market to market

Yesterday I had that market stall at the Burrinja open day, and the most success I had was with Sienna's secondhand clothes :)

Of my art and craft items, I sold one rattle ball, one singlet and one little canvas (to an adorable little girl, only about 7 years old!) It was a handy test area though to gauge responses to my work and crafty creations - the stuffed balls and blocks seemed to appeal a lot (they rattle too!). As is usual, many people found my art different and fascinating, which is nice. I think I need to step out of Upwey if I actually plan on selling it though ;) Probably inner city would be more receptive, methinks, for the artwork, and a handmade kids market would be perfect for the hats, blocks etc. Down the track when I have the energy. Perhaps.

AND in the meantime you'll see this lot, and more, in my etsy store soon. I've also gone through and reduced the prices of some of the mixed media already in there to match my market prices.

And just for the cuteness factor, my littlest boy today...

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Qube said...

Can I get a copy of that Cedar photo for my desk? Other than being incredibly cute, the bright colours will balance really well with the picture of Ash and I.