Mr Pirate Ash (of course)

At the billabong at Reedy Creek, we visited Nan & Pop on the long weekend last week. The kids love playing outside there, in particular! And Ash loved adding his new pirate vest and hat from Nan & Pop to the other pirate jacket and accessories that he had - of course - felt necessary to bring with him. Just in case an adventure was to be had.

This was just one of many...

This is brilliant

Yes it takes time to watch, but try and just watch the first 4 minutes - the first poem - if you can't fit in the whole thing.

Via Dumbo Feather

Happy scrappy

I keep forgetting to share my scrapbooking projects for Aussie Scrap Source - oops! Here are a few from the blog over the past month or so... click over to the Aussie Scrap Source blog for the team's work and also close ups :)

Apple pie, baby

When you would like to make some sweet treats but would like to justify them at the same time, using up fruit that is getting old is the perfect excuse. And I'm not afraid to use it. I reduced my fruit bowl load by a couple of apples (um, wow! yay!) and made up these scrummy cupcakes after searching for 'apple cupcakes' on pinterest. I thought a bowl of apples was a fun way to photograph the cake - hmmm, which one would you pick? A healthy apple? Or a pretending-to-be-slightly-healthy-but-actually-full-of-sugar-and-butter cupcake?

The cupcakes are particularly awesome fresh. Really light and scrummy. They get a little heavier over time but still yum yum yum. I do have a bit of an obsession with cinnamon at the moment, so the icing is a win. Despite the 15 minutes of beating, which I would never normally bother with. But it is good.

Apparently the original recipe is from a Donna Hay magazine, but I like the personal notes the blogger added. I also halved the recipe and made 10 big cupcakes. I only halved the icing recipe, not 2/5th like the blogger noted, but that did make too much. So 2/5 is about right for the 10 cupcakes - or make the cupcakes a bit smaller and make 12!

Click over here to read the recipe and comments :)

Linking up with Kell's 'Pin It? Make It?' challenge this fortnight.

Fernweh (wanderlust)

There are many times when, if you asked me who I was, I wouldn't know what to say. I would know the answer that I know - my name, what I do, etc. But it is not always that we feel really connected to those details of identification.

Today I received a package in the post from my artsy ant friend in Germany. And among others, there were two things there. On one item, it said heimweh - homesickness. And on the other, this word, fernweh. Wanderlust.

And I felt, yes. That is who I am.