Fernweh (wanderlust)

There are many times when, if you asked me who I was, I wouldn't know what to say. I would know the answer that I know - my name, what I do, etc. But it is not always that we feel really connected to those details of identification.

Today I received a package in the post from my artsy ant friend in Germany. And among others, there were two things there. On one item, it said heimweh - homesickness. And on the other, this word, fernweh. Wanderlust.

And I felt, yes. That is who I am.


sylvia said...

i always think that is so you - so glad i found this little gift in a shop just 3 minutes from our doorstep! hugs!!

simona said...

true, the question of who i am is not always easy to answer. or if i give an answer i do not think it really describes who i am well enough. the complete answer is too long, and if i give part of the answer i feel like a person would get the wrong idea of who i am. so i try to avoid the question :)

how fun to get mail from a far a way friend!