Thinking again and a bunch of cuties

Cute pic of Kell, hey! Just found it in a bunch of files I haven't edited yet from a few months ago... should really get on to that backlog ;) I was thinking again about the KI Memories thing and realised I had already done a 50% KI Memories layout just because I wanted to a couple of months ago for an upcoming issue of Scrapbook Creations. So I had another go at a new KI Memories layout, and came up with this one which was so fun, a bit of stamping, bit of paint, staples of course. So I'll prolly give the DT a go after all. Can't hurt, anyway.

What a cute little bunch of terrors. We have a 3-day convention this weekend at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne (Jehovah's Witnesses) and these pics are for my mum - we have such fun dressing the kids up, not so much fun trying to get them all in one pic together, LOL.

There was a bit of a fright at lunch when Sienna disappeared - we thought she'd gone to the bathroom with Alannah and her aunt, but when they got back found out she hadn't, she was just gone. With between 8000 people there it was a very tense 10 minutes from then until one friend got the call that another friend had found her. I'm just so relieved there were plenty of people we knew spread all over the venue, Sienna, meanwhile, seemed to have no idea she had been 'lost' at all. Crazy girl.

I also have fun choosing shirts and stuff for Ben, this is a new shirt and combo, bit funky ;)

Do you dare?

Aussie Dares are looking for some new creative team members for their challenge blog...

Rebecca asked me to help spread the word, as I like to do a dare or two myself every now and then! They are looking for... anyone could be a jeweller, quilter, painter, stamper, scrapbooker, digital artist. Anyone ready to get the creative juices flowing and provide inspiration for us all :)

Enjoy art? Enjoy stretching your creative boundaries? Check out the details here...

Inspiration + shifting emotions =

a new Art Journal layout. About how I miss playing the cello and want to get back to playing. It was inspired by three things - listening to an old track by this band (it was actually a little instrumental song, mainly Helen Mountford on cello, from their 'best of' cd, I can't find the actual song online), this photo by Elsie Flannigan of Jeremy Larson playing his cello (scroll down the post, it is the one where he is out of focus in the background) I totally love, and the art journaling bit of it was inspired by the art journaling workshop by Rachel Denbow that I've just finished doing.

Ben looked at the page and said it was a bit sad really, to which I responded by pointing in the general direction of my cello (on top of our wardrobe where Ash - hopefully - can't reach to destroy it) and commented that I could just play actually. I'm just whinging.

But to be honest I am genuinely worried about Ash damaging it, and it's not even a very good cello but I couldn't justify/afford replacing it if it got broken somehow. And when I tried to play to Sienna when she was 1 - yep, I know, that was over 3 years ago - she freaked out and hated it. She was super sensitive to noise back then, isn't so bad anymore. Actually both kids love music. So.

It is just up there. I could get it. I could try, at least.... another day, maybe ;)

Cook'N With Gas

We have gas :) Thank you Uncle Rohan! (the kids' uncle, not mine)
Here are a couple of shots of the kids from a couple of days ago, when Ash was chomping through a punnet of strawberries as he loves to do.

This next layout I did for the current challenge on the Sassafras Lass blog to use their clear stamps. The clouds, branch and the owl detail at the bottom are their stamps. My black ink is dry though, or something, so I had to add some pen afterward!
Music paper from Q Tea's Moulin Rouge kit (there are still some of those left) and the MayThird tag is from the April kit. I took the photo at Reedy Creek, otherwise known as Nan and Pop's.
This new layout is using the September Q Tea Kit 'Once Upon A Time', which I just uploaded yesterday. At the moment there are 5 kits still available.Have a great Sunday :)

Not a KI girl after all

So, I just got a call from this council person. There is a community hub development in planning right where the kid's kindergarten is, and will include new premises for the kinder. Which kinda sucks because the kinder already has a fantastic, huge outdoor play area which is just impossible to maintain / replicate under the new design. Whatever it will be. But they are trying to get us (the kinder committee) involved in the planning, which is good, at least in theory.

Anyhow, apparently a meeting was scheduled for the kinder with a whole bunch of consultants this afternoon, they showed up and noone was there and so they called me. But here's the thing - neither Kell (the committee president) nor I knew about this meeting being scheduled, and the director of the kinder Margaret is currently away for 3 weeks for surgery. So it is all a bit stupid and annoying. Mind you, Kell is the one who has to go down there and sort it out. So it's even more annoying for her.

As I mentioned the other day, I have done a couple of layouts. KI Memories put out the call for a design team and I thought, without thinking about it much, that I might give it a go. I've always liked the brand - they are really bright and colourful - and when I first really got into scrapping KI was my total fave. So I put together these pages, and they're fine and all, but everytime I scrap with mostly / all KI Memories product I seem to go for this more graphic / designed style rather than my usual style. Which is just not me. So I made the layouts and then decided not to go for the design team after all, KI Memories on its own is just not my style anymore.

Here is another page from Rachel Denbow's art journaling workshop. Man I'm all tired and grumpy, LOL. I am super organised with Q Tea this month, which is a relief. The washing is all put away, at least until the next few loads are washed! Housework, bleh, neverending.

I might go hunt through our backyard for kindling... love me some fire at night.

Makeshift frame

...on this page - the frame was on an advertising postcard. I just cut out the middle of it, where the text was. Stuck photo corners underneath it and used a smaller photo, to show a little of the background paper. I made this layout a week or so ago for the current Inspired by Amelie challenge. It is quite pastel for me!

I've also been doing the SteadyHandFaultyHeart art journaling workshop by Rachel Denbow - here is one of my pages for it. I feel like I haven't got the time or motivation at the moment to really think properly about deep, interesting journaling. I'd like to, just not right now. So it's kind of a ramble instead.
I have to say I'm having a crappy week. Though, actually, I had a good arvo on Saturday with Kell - scrapped three layouts and two art journal pages. I can share all but one, when I get around to photographing them.

But at the moment I have a cold, a sore throat, my period, a painful wisdom tooth cutting-situation (am very sympathetic to teething bubs), our ducted heater is broken and the reverse-cycle is just not cutting it in this freezing weather, our stove is currently not functional as the new one is in the middle of being installed, I really want to photograph my pregnant friend Kate and her hubby but the only dry-enough weather was yesterday when I felt too rubbish to leave the house and her baby is due in a week or so, I have mountains of washing to put away but not enough storage in this house so it is a job that always annoys me, I spent Sunday doing my bookkeeping for tax and worked out that Ben will have to pay tax this year, and we are on a killer strict budget anyway due to getting two huge bills at once among other things. Also the car is due for a service and needs a new clutch.

I was hoping that writing all the crappy stuff down would be a release of sorts but am not sure if it's working, LOL. OK off to the post office and then to pick up the girls from kinder. I have the four kids for awhile on Mondays, so at least the kids will entertain themselves and each other this afternoon. Even if they totally trash their room while they are at it.

OK so rambling boring post over, for now, will try and share my new layouts tomorrow.

A new fave and an old

Well, not that new and actually not that old, LOL. But I have never shown this layout before, though I made it a few months ago...

And this one is still a fave of mine, it is also from 3 or 4 months ago.

Challenge Layouts

I had fun choosing some challenges this week to make layouts for. This first one is for this month's Aussie Scrapjacked challenge to jack Clair Bremner...

This second layout is for this month's Aussie Scrap Music challenge blog, which is to be inspired by Gotye's 'Thanks for Your Time' - the video clip is awesome, all retro and fun.

New layouts

The first one was total randomness, featuring one of Lusi Austin's chipboard designs for Buzz and Bloom. I used black cherry glimmer mist on it :)

This layout was another just for fun that I did a couple of weeks ago.

This last one is from a couple of days ago and is for the current The Art is Found prompt - I used a lot of items from the current Q Tea kit 'Oh the Places You'll Go'. The kit sold out but due to cancellations there are one or two left, actually.

Another mini and a tag

This is a mini-album I made the other week for a friends - a family of 6 - who I photographed a few months ago. It was really fun to make, all my favourite Sass Lass stickers, Cosmo Cricket paper, Love Elsie cardstock and embellishments. Bam Pop frames. Bits and pieces of fun :)

Now I've been tagged by Siany and Vita (I hadn't forgotten!) for the Brilliante Weblog award.

Here's the spiel:

Who gets the “Brilliante Webblog Award“?

Websites and blogs of your choice for their designs that are especially noteworthy.

Here are the Award Rules:

1. The winner can take the logo

2. Place a link to the person that send you the award

3. Give the Award to at least 7 other Scrapbooking-Blogs, which by its currency,the issues of choice and for their designs are especially noteworthy

4. Put a link to these sites on your Blog.

5. Write a comment on their Blogs that they’ve won an Award.

OK so I don't normally do the comment thing, LOL, but I will note some blogs I particularly enjoy reading - I have a bunch on my bloglines but there are a few that I think 'yay' when I spot a new post, that I may or may not have mentioned before :) In no particular order...

1. Sylvia King

2. Kal Barteski (not scrapbooking, but v. inspiring)

3. Breanne Crawford

4. Kara Haupt

5. Bek Vavic

6. Clair Bremner

7. Kelly Ingram (big sis!)

I've been a bit slacker on my blog lately, my camera battery was dead and it took me a bit to find the charger, LOL. And I do have a spare somewhere, but never mind. So I've actually got 3 layouts to share in the next couple of days too :)