Thinking again and a bunch of cuties

Cute pic of Kell, hey! Just found it in a bunch of files I haven't edited yet from a few months ago... should really get on to that backlog ;) I was thinking again about the KI Memories thing and realised I had already done a 50% KI Memories layout just because I wanted to a couple of months ago for an upcoming issue of Scrapbook Creations. So I had another go at a new KI Memories layout, and came up with this one which was so fun, a bit of stamping, bit of paint, staples of course. So I'll prolly give the DT a go after all. Can't hurt, anyway.

What a cute little bunch of terrors. We have a 3-day convention this weekend at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne (Jehovah's Witnesses) and these pics are for my mum - we have such fun dressing the kids up, not so much fun trying to get them all in one pic together, LOL.

There was a bit of a fright at lunch when Sienna disappeared - we thought she'd gone to the bathroom with Alannah and her aunt, but when they got back found out she hadn't, she was just gone. With between 8000 people there it was a very tense 10 minutes from then until one friend got the call that another friend had found her. I'm just so relieved there were plenty of people we knew spread all over the venue, Sienna, meanwhile, seemed to have no idea she had been 'lost' at all. Crazy girl.

I also have fun choosing shirts and stuff for Ben, this is a new shirt and combo, bit funky ;)


sylvia said...

Oh, what a cute photo!! Love that dress Sienna is wearing. Unfortunately it rained all 3 days of our convention (and it was outdoors...)

Cass said...

Hey Dan, that is a SUPER photo of Kell, any chance of a copy?? All those kids are all growing up so fast! But how cute do they all look! C x

Anonymous said...

LOL awww they are so cute! Wow Lana has shot up... I love their clothes very funky Lil cuties!! Miss U ALL xx cute pic of Kel too. will catch up with u all soon LUV U

Wendy Smith said...

love your use of patterned paper...gorgeous stuff