Makeshift frame

...on this page - the frame was on an advertising postcard. I just cut out the middle of it, where the text was. Stuck photo corners underneath it and used a smaller photo, to show a little of the background paper. I made this layout a week or so ago for the current Inspired by Amelie challenge. It is quite pastel for me!

I've also been doing the SteadyHandFaultyHeart art journaling workshop by Rachel Denbow - here is one of my pages for it. I feel like I haven't got the time or motivation at the moment to really think properly about deep, interesting journaling. I'd like to, just not right now. So it's kind of a ramble instead.
I have to say I'm having a crappy week. Though, actually, I had a good arvo on Saturday with Kell - scrapped three layouts and two art journal pages. I can share all but one, when I get around to photographing them.

But at the moment I have a cold, a sore throat, my period, a painful wisdom tooth cutting-situation (am very sympathetic to teething bubs), our ducted heater is broken and the reverse-cycle is just not cutting it in this freezing weather, our stove is currently not functional as the new one is in the middle of being installed, I really want to photograph my pregnant friend Kate and her hubby but the only dry-enough weather was yesterday when I felt too rubbish to leave the house and her baby is due in a week or so, I have mountains of washing to put away but not enough storage in this house so it is a job that always annoys me, I spent Sunday doing my bookkeeping for tax and worked out that Ben will have to pay tax this year, and we are on a killer strict budget anyway due to getting two huge bills at once among other things. Also the car is due for a service and needs a new clutch.

I was hoping that writing all the crappy stuff down would be a release of sorts but am not sure if it's working, LOL. OK off to the post office and then to pick up the girls from kinder. I have the four kids for awhile on Mondays, so at least the kids will entertain themselves and each other this afternoon. Even if they totally trash their room while they are at it.

OK so rambling boring post over, for now, will try and share my new layouts tomorrow.


Hayley said...

awww Dan, big hugs!! also, thankyou so much for the beautiful magnet!! I love it, ur gorgeous! hope to see you sometime soon xx

clair said...

i feel your pain, we have weeks like that every now and then too and they suck big time. Hang in there and i hope things start looking up. I love the last page you showed as well, great journaling even if you thought it wasn't "deep" enough hehe

Kate said...

HUGS to you Dan. Hope your week improves. Hopefully bubs stays cooking a bit longer and we can try again for photos next weekend when you are feeling better. xoxox

Nevis said...

LOVE the layout!!!

Nevis said...

LOVE the layout!!!