Inspiration + shifting emotions =

a new Art Journal layout. About how I miss playing the cello and want to get back to playing. It was inspired by three things - listening to an old track by this band (it was actually a little instrumental song, mainly Helen Mountford on cello, from their 'best of' cd, I can't find the actual song online), this photo by Elsie Flannigan of Jeremy Larson playing his cello (scroll down the post, it is the one where he is out of focus in the background) I totally love, and the art journaling bit of it was inspired by the art journaling workshop by Rachel Denbow that I've just finished doing.

Ben looked at the page and said it was a bit sad really, to which I responded by pointing in the general direction of my cello (on top of our wardrobe where Ash - hopefully - can't reach to destroy it) and commented that I could just play actually. I'm just whinging.

But to be honest I am genuinely worried about Ash damaging it, and it's not even a very good cello but I couldn't justify/afford replacing it if it got broken somehow. And when I tried to play to Sienna when she was 1 - yep, I know, that was over 3 years ago - she freaked out and hated it. She was super sensitive to noise back then, isn't so bad anymore. Actually both kids love music. So.

It is just up there. I could get it. I could try, at least.... another day, maybe ;)


sylvia said...

C'mon Danielle, go go go for it! It's like riding a bike, you can pick it up again! Will share this soon on my blog as well, Jeff brought me a really cool cello stand the other day. Now at last my cello has the space and attention it deserves!

Anonymous said...

I feel the exact same way about the piano. Every time I listen to some Tori Amos I tell myself I need to get back up and practice, but I never do.
Lovely page!

Anna said...

hi danielle! just found your blog (again) while blog-hopping... needed to comment - i've just started learning cello! i've got a two and a half year old and a 5 month old - the 2yo wants to play her own cello, and knows all the parts... i love having a different artform to occupy my time (not just scrapbooking!)

*cheers you on*


Anonymous said...

do it dQ! do it!!

mezzo mish said...

Getting the Cello out again has to be at the right time or you have to make the time...perhaps you have to grab the cello, dust it off and go off somewhere in the car and leave hubby with the kids...but you must be passionate about so many things...if only we all had more time! (and a decent Nanny LOL)

Natasha said...

I really hope you do get your Cello out again. I am the same with my piano.

The thing is it is already out. All I have to do is move accross the room and play.