Woodroffe gallery

So this is what I've been doing all week... editing, editing and editing. Working through a wedding as well as Roxby family sessions, trying to make sure we're ready for our family holiday to New Zealand for a week, keeping on top of bills and housework. Ahem. To a point ;) Well, we leave on Tuesday for Christchurch, I have already booked dinner at our favourite restaurant on Wednesday night and have a list of areas and shops that will be fun to check out (L'il Magoolie was a great source!).

In the meantime, the Woodroffe gallery is the first one finished from the Roxby sessions... I *heart* this family so much, I was so comfortable with them and they had me stayover  the first night I was in Roxby as well as for dinner on the last night I was there... there was so much fun and crazy and joy and love poured into the session as we tried to outrun the rain (unsuccessfully) but were rewarded with the most fantabulous rainbow...

Read Tatum's gorgeous words about the session here. It all makes me a bit teary! All very feelgood really :)

OK so it is super hard to choose favourites, but here are some highlights. I also chose a few others to highlight along the way on the Curiouser facebook page.

On Polkadot Lane

At the start of the year Kell mentioned that she wanted a brand for when she is ready to sell her handmade goodies online or at markets or whatever... a bit of cafe brainstorming (my favourite kind) and we came up with a name. Reflecting her ongoing love of polkadot patterns, and the lane that she lives on, Polkadot Lane was born.

First drafts of the logo started flying around a couple of months ago, and in the meantime Kell was, you know, having a baby and playing around with the sort of things she was making. It has only been within the last few weeks that I really got stuck into it, spent a lot of yesterday pulling it together, and the result is that it is ready! Yay!

Introducing Polkadot Lane, complete with new blog, madeit store (will have stock soon, promise!), Facebook page and cute widgets for linking from your own blog! Why not take a stroll On Polkadot Lane and let Kell know what you think :)

Loves love

I really like Amy Seeley... the first time I bought a cd from her website, she sent me some postcards and was excited to be sending her music to Australia :)... and the lyrics, so sweet.

"You are one of my favourite things...
You are like a fairytale world that's come to real life"

Also enjoying "From Above" by Ben Folds, lyrics by Nick Hornby

Scrapping Kell and Levi

The latest Scrapbook Creations is out and this one had a couple of Kell / Levi themed layouts, both of which I love! I don't always, so that is saying something ;) This first one was the colour challenge with a combo of parsley green and purple. I love the purple-ish flowers cut out from one of Kate Mason's Heart Story papers... a vintage trim I've had and wanted to use for ages, and the title written onto the photo in Photoshop with my Wacom pen tablet. I have really messy handwriting... but in this context it just looks arty and creative ;)
And with a deadline less than a week after he was born, Levi's scrap mag debut was this layout with some of the photos I took of him in hospital, about 18 hours old. This layout is part of the feature I'm in this month "Who's Who of Scrapbooking". Which makes me giggle a bit, to be honest! Who's who? Well I'm one of the whos, apparently, hehe.

My off the page project for the feature was this paper / photo whimsical mobile for Sienna... it was hard to get good photos of, I wonder how they presented it in the mag? I haven't seen it yet! I also did a photo canvas thingy but forgot to take a photo of it before sending it away, so will photograph it and blog it when I get it back from SC.

This was made my stitching a fabric doily inside a wooden embroidery hoop and using florist wire (white) for the hanging part of it. A sweet, delicate twine for the elements, vintage sheet music to back everything. A couple of plastic cake toppers, a couple of pieces of Cosmo Cricket chipboard, and an old crochet flower.