On Polkadot Lane

At the start of the year Kell mentioned that she wanted a brand for when she is ready to sell her handmade goodies online or at markets or whatever... a bit of cafe brainstorming (my favourite kind) and we came up with a name. Reflecting her ongoing love of polkadot patterns, and the lane that she lives on, Polkadot Lane was born.

First drafts of the logo started flying around a couple of months ago, and in the meantime Kell was, you know, having a baby and playing around with the sort of things she was making. It has only been within the last few weeks that I really got stuck into it, spent a lot of yesterday pulling it together, and the result is that it is ready! Yay!

Introducing Polkadot Lane, complete with new blog, madeit store (will have stock soon, promise!), Facebook page and cute widgets for linking from your own blog! Why not take a stroll On Polkadot Lane and let Kell know what you think :)

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Teresa said...

Great work Dan, it looks fabulous!