Woodroffe gallery

So this is what I've been doing all week... editing, editing and editing. Working through a wedding as well as Roxby family sessions, trying to make sure we're ready for our family holiday to New Zealand for a week, keeping on top of bills and housework. Ahem. To a point ;) Well, we leave on Tuesday for Christchurch, I have already booked dinner at our favourite restaurant on Wednesday night and have a list of areas and shops that will be fun to check out (L'il Magoolie was a great source!).

In the meantime, the Woodroffe gallery is the first one finished from the Roxby sessions... I *heart* this family so much, I was so comfortable with them and they had me stayover  the first night I was in Roxby as well as for dinner on the last night I was there... there was so much fun and crazy and joy and love poured into the session as we tried to outrun the rain (unsuccessfully) but were rewarded with the most fantabulous rainbow...

Read Tatum's gorgeous words about the session here. It all makes me a bit teary! All very feelgood really :)

OK so it is super hard to choose favourites, but here are some highlights. I also chose a few others to highlight along the way on the Curiouser facebook page.


Lauren said...

Oh my...every time you post a new photo, each one is more beautiful than the next!! Gorgeous stuff!! Have a brilliant holiday xx

Louise said...


What Lauren said!!!


Christine said...

Wow Danielle, those photos are amazing! Absolutely gorgeous, you blow me away!