He says

morningcoffee, originally uploaded by DanielleQ.
"You sad, mummy?"

- No, just tired.

"You need to go to bed. Come on"
(he takes my hand and leads me to my bed)

"Go to bed. Goodnight mummy."

- Goodnight Ash

"Want some milk?"

- No thank you.
"Want some cordial?"

- No thank you.
(long pause)

"Want a coffee?"


Wendy Smith said...

OMG..that is just tooo sweet..

love that you have recorded that moment!

Kate said...

LOL that is so adorable

mezzo mish said...

Ash is so cute... he really wanted to make you a drink huh?

Kate said...

now stuff like that is what makes being a mum soooo worth it. How adorable is your little man!