Hello Caden!

Congrats and *hugs* for my little sister Hayley (well, 24, not that little), and her newborn baby boy Caden Nicholas Chapman, born by c-s yesterday evening. Weighed in at 10 pounds 1 oz, just a couple of ounces heavier than Alannah when she was born. Still, the biggest born yet of the grandchildren, he'll probably give Ash a run for his money for toughness! LOL. Will be visiting Adelaide over the weekend, so will have photos to post next week. In the meantime I edited a photo of Hayley pregnant, which mum took.

I went to Ruby's to see The Audreys last night, which was just fantastic. The support act, Liam Gerner, was - bizarrely - from Mt Barker, my hometown (and where my folks and Hayley live). So I bought his EP, and he is quite good actually, both singing and songwriting. Trippy though, the coincidence of it.

The Audreys themselves were so cool, all groovy folky, full of character. I am way tired, though, as Sienna had a bad dream or something and was in our bed for the entire 6 hours that I attempted to sleep. Then she woke up with a raging temperature, all miserable and clingy. So I am a bit out of it today. Enjoy the pics :)

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