15 months old

Ash has been driving me a bit mad lately, so I have to decided to write down his antics for future reference (as I know Sienna did some of these things when she was younger, but I don't remember specifics).
  • Eating cat food
  • Climbing outside through the cat door
  • Unlocking the cat door and then climbing outside through it
  • Putting his hand in the toilet
  • Lifting up both toilet seats and putting his hand in the toilet
  • Putting toys and pencils in the toilet
  • Getting jars out of the pantry and carrying them around
  • Getting the promite jar out of the pantry, opening it and eating promite with his fingers
  • Breaking the rubber-band holding the pantry door shut and getting the promite jar out
  • Putting pencils through the gaps in the duct vents
  • Pulling up the duct vents and putting toys down the ducts
  • Pulling up the duct vents and emptying my jar of yellow buttons from my scrapbooking supplies down the duct
  • Reaching through his cot bars to pull out his cupboard drawers and empty clothes all over floor
  • Taking the phone off the telephone table and making imaginary phone calls, keeping the phone engaged for hours at a time until I realise and track it down
  • Pulling away the grate, climbing into the fireplace and playing with ash (appropriate, maybe, but very messy)
  • Reaching up to my scrap table and pulling down anything he can reach
  • Pulling things out of the bin and eating them
  • Wriggling out of his pants
  • Pulling off his socks (every time)
I think that's it for the last week or so. Though I may have forgotten something. Not to mention a few months ago when he chewed up the number pad from my mobile phone. The replacement I got from ebay just isn't the same.

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