Playing around

Been playing around with my new camera/lens. I love the low light ability and depth of field when using this lens on f1.8 - check out some of these pics from the past two days :) Love the ones of Ben and Sienna's morning antics, and the face of Ash crying up at me (which happens at least 5 times a day!.

Starting to think about packing for NSW - we leave on Tuesday. Packing for 4 travelling in a corolla can be a challenge, I'll have to check which suitcase fits in the boot with the stroller and portacot.

Must remember to get to Canon tomorrow and pick up my 350D, even if the body doesn't work I still need the lenses I checked in with it. Also, it is still mine. I want it back!

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Kelly said...

Love those photos - especially the ones of Sia and Ben - so cool :-)