Weddings, babies and scrapbooking

The thing with the spider is that this really big huntsman - the biggest I've seen in years, actually - appeared right next to my scrap desk last week. Kind of freaked me out! I got a plastic container to move it but the container I chose was too small - it's legs wouldn't fit in - so I had to find a bigger one! Then I did the old container / cardboard trick and took it outside. Quite an adventure, but makes me think I might take down my 'inspiration board' that is leaning on that side, it is obviously a handy hiding spot for arachnids of various sizes.

Been having a busy few days. Well, yesterday wasn't exactly full of activity, but in general. On Saturday just after lunch I did a quick photo shoot for Paula and Jay, some friends who are expecting their third bub soon. The challenge was to choose, edit, have printed and frame a photo by an hour and a half after the shoot finished! It was pushing it, but I got it done, and this was the shot I chose for enlargement.

Also on Friday night I completed a few challenges for the Scrap Top 50 Cybercrop, making sure I did all three items as Elsie Challenges as well, for the challenge gallery on Scrapbooks and More. Two of them are Elsie Challenges that haven't come up yet, and I did a separate page a few days ago of Ash, which is for the Elsie Challenge but wasn't for anything else. Did that chain of thought make sense? LOL, I know what I'm talking about, anyway.

Yesterday I started playing Kameo on Xbox 360. Haven't played any video games for awhile, but this one caught my interest when Ben picked it up the other week. It is fun, too, a world of 'mystics and elves' and has a lot of adventuring to do - there's a bit of escapism for me :)

Someone called me on Saturday about my photography and was asking about weddings. I don't usually agree to weddings, but she was sweet and so is coming round to chat about it tomorrow afternoon. So I am going to collect some examples of my wedding photos together and put them in a gallery for my website. Also need to put together some pricing structures. Things to do, always, always. Feeling pretty relaxed about it at the moment tho - tonight is soon enough for work :) Been houseworking all morning so it is quiet time now.

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