I had a marathon image editing day on Thursday, going through all my photo folders over the last 3 months and editing choice shots I'd previously missed. I know I'd been quite slack for awhile - taking photos, but then just dumping them on the hard drive and forgetting about them!

These are some faves from the day's work... and yes, Hayley, they will all be on the family site soon!

I made a Danielle Q Photography tshirt on Friday and it turned out really well. It has a filmstrip with 3 landscape black and white portraits - of Alannah, Riley and Sienna - printed on white. There is also the website printed on white. Both were cut out separately and sewn on to the back of the black tshirt, between my shoulder blades. Then at the bottom hem on the left side, at the front of the tshirt, I have sewn my logo - printed on white - onto the edge. Then I cut the hem so it has the uncut edge to suit the patched look. It is quite a funky tshirt, and good for advertising ;)

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