Dancing in the Deep

That is the name of the new painting I did this afternoon. It's not fantastic or anything, but it felt good to paint without purpose, and be messy, just do what I do.

Got a new camera body this morning - a 400D. This replaces my 350D, because the repair quote from Canon was over $900. Rather than spending that on fixing the old model, I spent just a couple of hundred more to get a brand new body of the new model, which is higher mexapixels and with a few new features. I also took advantage of the chance to pick up a lens I've wanted - a f1.8 fixed-focal-length lens. I would've liked the 85mm, but that was just too much, whereas the 50mm was very affordable. Fantastic depth of field, and really good in low light conditions. Here are a couple of shots I took just now while having a play.

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