Kell's New Blog

My sister Kelly has started a blog, and I made a header for her to connect with the style of the Kiti Q website (she co-owns and runs Kiti Q with my friend Teresa). I've added it to the blogs list in the margin, or you can check it out here.

I did a new page yesterday morning which I really love. Used actual fabric which is the first time I have, though I've been wanting to try it for ages. It also features the poem I wrote - and posted here - back in September. The photos are from a selection I took using the infra-red remote control for my camera, back at the end of July, just before the trip to Germany.

I submitted it at lunch to Scrapbook Creations and For Keeps, and Jannah Kelly from Scrap Creations accepted it just five minutes from when I sent the email. So I emailed FK to say please ignore the submission I just sent, and Julia replied saying she also loved the layout! Was very funny about it all too, she obviously has a good sense of humour :) And it was all very good for my scrapping ego. If only I produced pages so popular every day!

I am missing my camera! If I'm lucky I might get it back in two weeks, before the NSW trip. I keep 'seeing' potential shots though I can't take them. I might not even take them if I had the camera, but not having a choice about it really gets to me. Hmm. I must be patient!

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