And there was a spider too, I'll tell you later

Well I signed up to do Scrapbook and More's Elsie Flannigan's 52 Scrapbooking Challenges competition. I love the idea of doing 52 challenges in 6 months - that means I get at least 2 layouts a week done which is not always the case! But I am doubting my wisdom at adding to my to-do list.... not that it is compulsory or anything.

Man I had a cool concept for an article/essay the other night while in bed, and couldn't be bothered getting up to write it down. Now I don't remember it!

Here is a new layout I did for the Scrapbook Creations cover competition. The rules didn't mention posting online or anything so I am sure it is fine to pop up here. Hmm, also Kell and Hayley and Sylvia are the only people I know who read this, so they won't tell on me! Hehe.

I feel a bit sick still - felt awful all day yesterday - but I really want to scrap so I hope Ash cooperates this morning :) Sienna is at care, so I am a bit free-er than usual. Hmmm de dum. I have peanut butter on my shoulder from Ash and his toast.

Here is another layout I did on Sunday and Monday, I'd left it at Kell's til Wednesday. Is very soft and sweet, a bit pastel for me tho.

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