She is nesting

... or perhaps not ;) Actually, I'm pretty sure Kell and Roh are just trying to get as much done with their house renovation which is nearing completion before Wednesday, when my newest nephew Levi will be born - yay!

Here are my gorgeous niece and nephew, Alannah and Jude, who are excited to welcome their baby brother this week...

 This one is probably the most accurate maternity photo for her... plaster walls and dust, an evolving landscape of construction, painting and decoration!

But we went for a drive a few weeks ago and took a few more fun shots as well :)

Disclaimer: I'm not a horrible sister to cut her head out of most of these - she insisted her maternity shots were without her face in them, LOL. Here is one with complete Kelly!


sylvia said...

LOL. love the shots... even without her head.

small forest said...

These are beautiful, Danielle

the textured leaf said...

These are beautiful, Danielle