There have been pictures

Though there has not been much blogging, I admit! With a busy busy couple of weeks behind me, another couple to come and now I have the flu - again. Bleh! But I am trying to take it easy, determined to be well again by Friday when I head to Adelaide.

First we have... A fun couple of days with my cousin Bec and her friend Tamyka visiting from Adelaide. On the Saturday afternoon we headed to the George Tindale Gardens for some relaxation and photo-taking shenanigans ;)

Then we've had family time, lens shopping with my dad, dad building a cool timber bottomless boat for the kids to play with in the garden, my nephew Caden getting to play with his cousins, popping into an op-shop with my nan and finding Ash an Autumn-coloured jacket for playing outside, cuddles with Levi, family walks in the forest, playing with my dad's macro and wide-angle lenses plus the new portrait lens he gave me (yes - GAVE - how lucky am I?) and a new painting for the Have Ya Bean cafe.

Now for tea and quiet time with Ash (and Cedar asleep) until it's time to walk to school to get Sienna.... have a great week everyone!


sylvia said...

that first photo is MAGICAL!!

simona said...

love the pictures, especially the ones with the kids in the garden and you with your cousin and friend on the lawn.

Anonymous said...

brilliant pics Danielle

Kate M xo

Unknown said...

great photos! I love your blog name.. although everytime i read it i go... "said alice..."

Lovin the blog :) xo