Mixed Media Exhibition

On now at Cafe Have Ya Bean, in the main street of Upwey, Victoria. The same cafe where I had my photography exhibition a couple of years ago.

These next pics are the new paintings I did for the exhibition - the first one is called 'Bold'. I forgot to measure it but I think it is about 14" x 18". $280
This one is called 'Journey' and uses some napkins Sylvia sent me - thanks sweets! It is about 40 inches square, pretty huge! $520
And a detail shot.
The other paintings in the exhibition will have been shown here before, but here is the collection. The sizes are all over the place in real life, LOL. This first one is only 5" square, there is another 5" one that I didn't photograph. These are $20 each.

"Measured" about 14" square, - $140, "Us" - $320"Paris" about 36" wide - $420, "Listen" 12" square - $210. Let Go - $120 (this one is on a rubbishy canvas, one of the 1/2 inch depths with stapled edges, which I avoid now, but I was re-using an older painting).
"On Your Side" - $280.
There is one more larger painting in the exhibition, called Sprinkling, but I can't find a photo and anyhow, it is the only one not for sale. It is usually in the Sienna & Ash's room!


Anonymous said...

wow dQ - you are amazing and so are your pieces. good luck with the exhibition, they look great all hung up together! wish i could come and see irl. take care!!

Maxine said...

What an amazing artist you are. I love so many of your pieces in the exhibition.

sylvia said...

LOOOOVE the journey/destination one Danielle, love all the bits and pieces of German and Hamburg on there - but they're all gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

these look wonderful and amazing.. i must find my way over and soak up a closer look. congratulations - i wish you luck